15 Random Android Tips no one tells you

Android smartphones are more powerful than you think. Using smartphones only for callings, chattings, and entertainment purposes would be a tiny fraction of its overall capabilities. Here are 15 random Android tips you should implement in your life.

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Manage Documents on your Android

Manage Documents in Android Smartphones

Generally, you think a laptop is a must when it comes to creating presentions, PPTs, or managing all the documents. Well, you really don’t need a laptop or desktop to do this basic thing. You can just use any document apps such as WPS Office, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, etc to create, open, and manage documents on your Android phone. These apps support all kinds of document formats including PDF, PPTX, Xls, and more.

Save Battery with this simple tip

Turn Off Vibration Mode to save your battery

Every user wants smartphone battery last longer. But, they don’t do about it anything. There are a lot of things you can do to improve your smartphone battery life. Disabling haptic feedback is one of them. When turned on, it takes extra amount of battery to rotate vibration motor in your smartphone. You can disbale it from Settings > Sound & vibration > Haptic feedback.

Use Skype or Duo for better Video Callings

Skype 1

There are numerous video calling apps (e.g. WhatsApp) for Android that comes with fairly average video quality. But, if you use Skype or Google Duo, both apps will give the best quality over video calling than any other app you know. You can use both apps to make national & internation calls without dropping a single bit quality.

In terms of features Skype is the king app of all time. It includes HD voice & video calling, smart messaging, screen sharing, live subtitles, blur background, and more. You should try it once.

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Split Screen for multitasking

Android Hack to Split Screen Feature

If you are using a big screen smartphone then you should definately use the split screen feature. It allows you run two apps simultaneously by splitting your screen into half. The feature is available on Android 7.0 (Nougat) or above. Using this feature, you can chat on WhatsApp while watching YouTube videos at once. To use this feature, just click on Split screen option from task manager. (Different brand devices have different option to do this).

Share Photos on WhatsApp without losing their Quality

Share WhatsApp Images WIthout Loosing Quality

Daily tons of photos are shared on WhatsApp. But do you know, your photos get highly compressed on WhatsApp before sending the actual to your friends or family. This compression decreses the quality of your photo and so does details. But, there’s a way to send pictures without losing their original quality.

To do so, go to WhatsApp and open a friend’s chat whom you want to send images. Then, tap on multimedia icon from the bottom and select documents. Tap on Browse other docs. Tap hamburger icon. Then, tap Images from the left sidebar. Tap to select a image or long press to choose multiple images at once. Tap on the “SELECT” from the top right corner and lastly tap Send.

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Use Google for weather forecast

Check Weather Details

Usually, people use weather apps in their Android phones for weather forecast. But, you actually don’t need them. You can find out weather information using the Google app or Chrome browser. Just open Google app or Chrome browser and seach weather forecast. It tells you current temperature in celcius or fahrenheit, humadity level, wind speed, etc right into the Google search page.

Stop auto-update from Google Play Store

Stop auto update from play store 3

It’s such a minor feature hat people usually forget about it. Auto-update is a feature in the play store that updates the installed apps automatically without your consent. Now, you may think what’s wrong with it? Well, actually there are so many apps installed on your Android phone and you don’t even use most of them, then updating those apps will be just waste of the memory resources as well as your internet data. So, how do you turn it off? Just open the Play Store on your Android > tap on the profile icon from the top right on screen > tap on Settings > tap on Network preferences > tap on Auto-update apps and select Don’t auto-update apps.

Use LastPass app to remember your passwords

Remebering all your passwords for a long time is a kinda tough, isn’t it? Most people forget their passwords after some time. But how cool would it be if someone remembers all your passwords on behalf of you. Well, there are several ways to do this. The most effective way to do this is using a password manager. There are so many password managers on the market, but the one who got the most trust score is LastPass. LastPass is a award winning password manager app. It saves all your social media passwords, credit/debit cards details, addresses, etc into an encrypted vault. All you need to remember to access these password is one master password to access all your passwords. You can try its premium subscription for free for 30-days.

Hide files or folders without using an app

Android Hack to Hide FIles On Android Phone

This one of the oldest and useful Android tricks ever. In Android phones, you can hide a file or folder by just placing a dot(.) in front of the file or folder name. To do so, open file manager app on your smartphone > Select a folder or file > Tap rename option > place dot(.) in front of first letter > tap Ok. That’s it. Now to view the file again, go to your file manager settings and enable Show hidden files option.

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View WiFi Passwords on your Android

Share WiFI Password Using QR Code

Sharing WiFi passwords via QR code is pretty common nowadays. But, only a few of them know that you can extract WiFi passwords from QR code. Here’s how to do this. Open quick panel and go to phone’s Settings > Go to WiFi option > Tap on connected WiFi > Tap QR code > scan it from your friends smartphone. Now you will see “*******” instead of password, click on it to view the WiFI passwords. This feature works perfectly with Xiaomi smartphones, however, you can try this on your own smartphone as well.

Use Google Drive to save your important documents

Google Drive is a cloud storage where you can upload and save your important documents forever. Also, you can upload photos, videos, audio, and other files format and bundle them into folders. Then, you can access those documents anytime and anywhere with any smartphone using your Google account. You can also encrypt your document files before uploading them on Google drive.

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Increase Internet Speed by 500% (On Jio Operator)

It’s cool random Android trick that you should know. Low internet speed is pretty common problem and you face once or multiple times in your life. Here this tip can boost your internet speed drastically over 500%. All you need to do is make a phone call on any mobile number (you can also try care customer number which 198 for all operators) and once the call gets picked up, then visit the browser again. You’ll see that the speed of the internet has increased. (Note: you can put the call on hold and this trick will still work).

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Turn On flight mode while charging

If you don’t have fast charger or your device doesn’t support fast charging, it can take few hours to fully the smartphone battery. But, when you turn on flight mode while charging, you can make your smartphone charge faster. When you turn on flight mode, all radio frequencies on your smartphone is turned off, hence lower battery consumption and faster charging speed.

Limit Hotspot Connection

Limit Hotspot

Turning on hostpost without using encryptions is a risky business. Not only other people around you can use your internet but hackers can take the advantages of this opporunity and steel your all data of your smartphone. But, you can prevent this by limiting hotspot connections. To do this, open your smartphone’s Settings > Personal Hostspot > Limit connected Devices > Set the Value betweem 1 to 9. Now only the limited people will be able to use your hostpot. However, we recommend using a strong password to secure yourself completely from other people around you.

Access Hidden Apps on Android Phone

Using this trick, you can find out which apps your friend is hiding on your his/her phone. Normally, hidden apps cannot be accessed from app drawer or home screen. However, if you somehow know which app your friend is hiding on his phone, you can pretty easily access that hidden app. Here’s how. Open the play store. Search the app name your friend is hiding from you. Open the app from the play store.

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Bottom Line: 15 Random Android Tips

I hope you like this random article. We will keep updating this list with new Android tricks. If you have any questions regarding this article, please comment down or you can contact us directly. And don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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