20 Best Android Apps For Developers/Programmers

Modern tech industries are exponentially moving towards new technologies that are mainly based on programming languages. Almost every modern tech gadgets, websites, apps, chips need to be programmed by coding whether it’s C/C++, Python, Java, or any any other programming languages. That’s why it becomes essential to learn the programming language to get into the tech industries. For those users who take coding very seriously but they don’t have a laptop or they do prefer coding on smartphones, I have brought the 20 best Android apps for developers or programmers that can help themselves to code anywhere & anytime in their smartphones.

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20 Best Android Apps For Developers/Programmers are as follows:

1. Programming Hub: Learn to Code

1. Programming Hub: Learn to Code

Programming Hub is one of the best Android apps for programmers available on Google play store. This app lets you learn multiple programming languages at one place. It includes C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, R programming, Python, Swift, SQL, and many more languages. Also, you can learn AI(Artificial Intelligence) programming and some other advanced topic as well.

Programming Hub offers more premium contents within premium membership plan which cost around 6.99 dollar.

Download: Programming Hub


  • Supports multiple programming languages
  • Dark mode support
  • Decent price for pro membership
  • Artificial Intelligence supports
  • Ads-free
  • 20+ courses
  • 5000+ programs, etc.

2. SOLO Learn: Learn to Code

2. SOLO Learn: Learn to Code

Solo Learn app is very similar to the Programming hub offer premium programming contents including many programming courses. You can learn Java, Python, C#, and other programming languages with examples. Along with that, you can learn advanced topics such as Machine learning, Git, SQL, Algorithms & data structures, etc. Also, it has cheaper premium membership plans nearly 69 INR/Month.

Download: SoloLearn


  • Community support
  • Algorithms & Data structures support
  • Angular JS support
  • Cheaper premium membership
  • Integrated Code Editor
  • Good for beginners

3. Programming Hero

Programming Hero

Programming Hero lets you learn coding in a more fun way. Including more than 100 real-world problems with solutions, integrated code editor, better examples, etc it is one of the best programming app. The user-interface of this app is like a fun game, you’ll love coding even when you’re not interested. It teaches you to build your own games with very precisely. Besides programming, Data structures, Algorithms, Databases are here with explanation & examples.

Download: Programming Hero


  • Coding with fun
  • Learn game-Development
  • HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaSript, Bootstrap support
  • 100+  real-world coding problems with solutions

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4. Grasshopper: Learn to Code

apps for programmers

Grasshopper app is one of the best Android apps for programmers developed by Google LLC to learn coding for absolute beginners. This app helps you to build your logical programming thinking very strongly. Here you don’t need too much coding, you will select the codes by tapping and will have more time to think. You can use this app without internet connection as well.

Download: Grasshopper


  • Offline available
  • 1M+ downloads
  • For absolute beginners
  • Increase Logical Thought Process
  • Tapping feature

5. Geeksforgeeks: Best Android Apps For Developers

Geeksforgeeks: Best Android Apps For Developers

Geeksforgeeks is the best android app to learn everything related to computer science. Which includes not only the basic topics but also very advanced programmings. Almost every data structure and algorithms topics are covered up with easy explanation & example. You can choose your preferred subjects at the beginning of the app within bunch of topics or subjects. Along with that, you can prepare your examination and interview preparation at home without any charges.

Download: Geeksforgeeks


  • Almost Every Computer Related Topics
  • Best for interview preparation
  • Learn Python, Java, JS, Aptitude, etc
  • Personalized feed based on your interest
  • Free of cost

6. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

Titanium backup is a very powerful tool for Android users to backup your all Android apps including system apps along with data. You can save all backup apps & data into your smartphones or other storage drive. Also, you can directly sync your backup to the Google drive or dropbox. Titanium backup is available in multiple languages. Note: This app requires root permission to backup to work seamlessly.

Download: Titanium backup


  • Freeze/disable the apps.
  • Delete System apps.
  • Convert user apps into system apps.
  • Backup apps with their data.
  • Easy to restore.
  • and much more.

7. Java N-IDE: Android builder and compiler

Java N-IDE: Android builder and compiler

If you are searching for a Java IDE for your android phone, Java N-IDE is one the best Android apps for you. This is not a simple IDE like other, it is way advanced for Java users you can get on a smartphone. Using this JAVA IDE, You can make other advanced Android apps. How was that! making another Android app with a Android smartphone. It has a smart integrated environment for autosuggestion and auto-corrects, etc.

Download: Java N-IDE


  • Best Java IDE for android user
  • Build the android app
  • Code auto-suggestion
  • Advanced Feature
  • Supports VCS
  • Supports Java debugger

8. Udemy: Online Video Courses

Udemy: Online Video Courses

Udemy is the best learning app through online video sessions. Using Udemy, you can learn many programming languages and multiple course in 50+ different languages by 50,000+ instructors. Also, you can get a course degree certificate when you complete it. I personally use this app to buy programming courses at a very good price. It covers over 2000 different courses with help of some great instructors.

Download: Udemy


  • 50+ different languages.
  • Over 2000 topics.
  • over 50,000 instructors to teach you.
  • After enrolling, life-time video access.

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9. Color Picker EX

Color Picker EX

Color Picker EX is for beginner as well advanced CSS programmer. It helps you to find the hex value of the colors. As CSS designer prefers using hex code instead of using the color name. Either you can search the hex code on Google each time or use this app.

Download: Color Picker EX


  • Easy to find the hex values
  • Find the image color in hex value
  • Hex value for custom colors

10. Learn HTML

Learn HTML

Learn Html by Codeliber is one of best programming apps to learn Html. Unlike the other apps this is especially dedicated for Html who has just started out learning Html. You can easily learn all the basic Html tags & functions and try it out on your computer laptop.

Download: Learn HTML


  • Available Offline
  • It covers zero to hero course
  • Integrated HTML code editor

11. Learn CSS

Learn CSS

Learn CSS is developed by Codeliber for those programmers who wish to learn CSS from beginner to advanced. So this app can help you learn all the basic CSS from advanced topics with ease and better examples. Also, it doesn’t require internet connection at all.

Download: Learn CSS


  • Offline available
  • From beginner to advanced
  • With CSS code editor

12. DroidEdit: Free code editor

DroidEdit: best Android apps for programmers

DroidEdit app is a very good code editor for Android devices. With a very simple layout, you can read & write codes very easily. Only flaw of this app is, it can be used only as a code editor not compiler. So yeah! if you’re looking compiler too you must look for next app.

In this app, you get some different themes for a better look & layout. It supports multiple programming languages, auto-indentation feature and infinite undo/redo, find & replace, etc.

Download: DroidEdit


  • Search and replace feature
  • Infinite undo and redo
  • Auto-indentation feature
  • Supports multiple programming languages
  • Syntax highlighter support
  • Support some inbuilt themes
  • FTP support

13. Dcoder, Compiler IDE

Dcoder, Compiler IDE

Under 7 Mega Bytes, Dcoder is a true IDE for many programming languages(C, C++, C#, Python, Java, Html/CSS/JS, PHP, Ruby up to 33 different languages). It is the fastest known compiler available on Android platform. It can compile & run your written codes very easily, also, if there’s an error it will show you in a window.

Download: Dcoder


  • Incredible IDE for the Android.
  • Supports 30+ languages
  • Fastest compiler.
  • Only 7MB in size.

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14. Algorithms: Explained and Animated

Algorithms: Explained and Animated

Algorithms is one of the best Android apps for programmers for those students who wants to learn algorithms from basic to advanced. This app has covered lots of algorithm topic including bubble sort, quicksort, BFS, DFS, etc. Animated graphics are used to let you understand topics very easily & quickly.

Download: Algorithms


  • Free to download
  • Many topics are covered
  • Simple layout/user interface
  • Available for Android & iPhone both

15. Data structures Handbook

Data structures Handbook

Data Structures Handbook is a very good app that covers all the basic data structures topics. Data structures like Sorting, Structuring, Searching, Data Compression, and many more topics are explained very well in this app. It is available in pro(paid) and lite(free) version both.

Download: Data Structures Handbook


  • Covers all the basic topics like Array, Structure, etc.
  • Well explained with examples.
  • Taken references from multiple sources.
  • Available Offline.

16. DrawExpress Diagram Lite

best Android apps for programmers

DrawExpress Diagram Lite is one of the best data structure apps available on Android platform. For computer science student who really likes to learn flowcharts must download this app right now. It allows you to draw the flowcharts, ER diagram, and software design with the help of the smart-gesture reorganization feature. Also, you can export your all diagrams in PDF format.

Download: DrawExpress Diagram Lite


  • Best for flowchart drawing
  • Also suitable for the ER diagram
  • Good for DFD(Data Flow Diagram is used in business)
  • Smart-gesture features

17. BitCalculator


BitCalculator (known as a programmer’s calculator) is an excellent app for the developers to perform Bit operations. For example, hexadecimal to decimal number, from bit to hex to dex to oct to binary, etc. If you’re a Digital Electronics or Numerical method student, this app might be best for you.

Download: BitCalculator


  • Convert hex/Dec/Oct/bin in a second
  • Perform Logic gates operations
  • Different modes: 64bit/32/bit/16bit/8bit
  • Multiple themes

18. Mimo


Mimo app has the best self-improvement award in 2018. Which lets you learn basic Html, Javascript, CSS, and SQL. Along with that, it’s great Android app for those developers who want to be a data analysis with Python, SQL and big data.

Download: Mimo


  • Best for the data scientist
  • Learn advanced Python with SQL
  • Explains about Big Data
  • HTML, CSS, JS, explained
  • Play and learn like a game

19. Code Board Keyboard for Coding

best Android apps for programmers

Code Board Keyboard is the best keyboard Android app for programmers. CodeBoard app has made the coding a lot easier for mobile devices. It has all the important operations keys that are mostly used while coding, also, you can do normal typing to text someone. You can set this keyboard as a default from your Android settings.

Download: Code Board Keyboard


  • Best Android keyboard for coding
  • Also use as a normal keyword.

20. Coursera: Online courses

best Android apps for programmers

Coursera app is one of the best apps for programmers. It provides around 4000 different courses including programming in various languages.

Along with that, Coursera also provides 13+ professional certificates that you can use in the CV. It is similar to the Udemy app, however, it has some added features. You can download the videos to watch when you’re not connected.

Download: Coursera


  • 3900+ Courses including programming language.
  • Provides 13+ professional certificates.
  • Made by 150+ universities.
  • Some videos are free.
  • Better instructors to teach.


Thank you so much for scrolling to the bottom. I have written 20 best Android apps for developers/programmers. Every app has its unique feature but if I would have to choose two best apps among all the above apps, I will choose Udemy and Dcoder compiler. Also, let me know whats your best two programming apps. Comment below. And Don’t forget to share this knowledge with your friends.

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