8 Tricks to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

Smartphones are now getting smarter and faster along with their battery charging speed. There are some upcoming smartphones that even supports 100W or 200W charging speed. However, there is a possibly high chance that you are using old smartphone that comes with 10W slow charger, otherwise, you don’t search this page. Whatever the reason is, I’ve got you covered with our latest 8 tricks to make phone charge faster.

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First, let’s measure your current charging speed:

Make Your Phone Charge Faster

You can use this method to see how fast your smartphone is charging right now. To do that, you need to download and install a small application on your phone called “Ampere.” After installing Ampere, launch it like any other app, then plug your phone into a charger and wait a second until you see your current charging speed in the app.

Here are 8 Tricks to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

Whether your smartphone uses a fast charging or slow 10W charging, you can always extract more juice out of your adapter by following these charging tips and tricks.

1. Turn On Flight Mode

Make Your Phone Charge Faster

Turning on the flight mode is the most efficient technique to make your phone charge faster. When enabled, it blocks all incoming and outgoing radio signals from and to other devices through your smartphone, leading to a significant charging improvement. However, you can not make phone calls during flight mode. Similarly, you can boost your charging speed by turning off the device’s connectivities such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, Data connection, and so on.

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2. Do not charge your phone with Laptop

Make Your Phone Charge Faster

If you charge your smartphone using a laptop, stop doing this. As the charging speed depends upon the power output of an adapter and laptops have generally very low power output. So it’s really a bad idea to charge your phone via a laptop and except to get the maximum output. Instead, you shuld try use an charging adapter (if not quick charger) to charge your phone.

3. Stop Background Running Apps

Background apps can also also cause low charging speed problem. The reason why it happens is, they runs in the background, take unnecessory memory spaces, and system resources that makes your smartphone battery to drop quickly. To overcome this problem, just goto your device RAM management seettings and disable or uninstall these types of apps.

4. Stop Using Battery Savers

If you are thinking using battery savers so that it can make your phone your charge faster, you’re wrong. Battery savers or similar to these apps frequintly clears your cache memory, which is very crucial for multitasking. By doing that, you not only slows your smartphone performance down but also slows down the charging speed. That’s why I recommend you to stay away from these types of apps.

5. Use A Fast Charger To Charge Phone Faster

Make Your Phone Charge Faster

Most smartphone manufacturers provide a low-power 10-watt slow charger in the box, which charges your phone really slowly. But, you can upgrade your 10-watt slow charging adapter with a fast charging adapter and charge your smartphone battery faster. There are several types of fast adapters on the market; nevertheless, you should get one that matches the specifications of your device.

Here are some fast adapters that you can buy for your phone.

  1. Mi 18W Fast Charging Adapter you can get it under 499rs.
  2. Super Flash 18W Quick Charge 3.0 –under 990rs.
  3. Stuffcool Type C Power Bank with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

6. Stop Charging your Phone while Gaming

Make Your Phone Charge Faster

Even when the phone is hooked to the charging board, some dedicated smartphone gamers want to play games won’t even stop playing games. By doing that, you’re hurting not only the battery but also the internal components of your smartphone. While your phone is charging, it generates a lot of heat, and overheating your smartphone battery can seriously damage it, diminishing its overall life expectancy. As a general guideline, leaving your smartphone in standby mode while it is charging for better charging speed.

7. Turn On Power Saving Mode

Enable Power Saving Mode to Charge Your Phone Faster

Both Android and iPhones include a built-in battery saver, commonly known as power saver mode. You can extend the battery life and make phone charge faster by turning on power-saving mode. To do it on Android, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver > Tap to Enable Power Saving in Android. For iPhones, go to Settings > Battery > Turn Power Mode on to activate the power-saving mode.

8. Shut Down Your Smartphone Completely

Shut Down Your Phone

At last, you can turn off your smartphone completely to get the fastest charging speed. At this stage, you cannot use your smartphone functions.

Pro Tip: Don’t let your smartphone’s battery drain completely to 0%. It reduces the battery’s life span quickly.

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Conclusion: 8 Tricks to Make Phone Charge Faster

Follow these 8 charging tips and tricks to charge your phone’s battery at maximum speed. If you’re still facing low charging speed probably, your device might have an internal issue or adapter issue. Thanks for reaching us. Subscribe to our website for the latest updates and Android tips. Also, follow us on social media where we can chat with each other.

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