30 Android Tricks And Hacks (+Android Hidden Settings) in 2022

Android is an open-source and one of the most used operating system in smartphones. Stock Android also provides 2-year major updates including monthly security patches. However, many smartphones brand use their own custom UI (e.g. MIUI, OxygenOS, etc) over Android OS which adds a few more customization options & functionalities.

Your Android phone contains so many hidden settings, tricks, and hacks that can make your daily tasking much easier and let you interact with your Android deeply. You can use these settings to cast your Android screen, boost Android speed, encrypt your device, etc. So, without wasting our time let’s get into the post.

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Here we have discussed 30 Android tricks and hacks along with some Android hidden settings:

1. Cast Screen

Do you know? you can cast your Android smartphone screen on your TV, desktop monitor, projectors, and other big-screen monitors without installing any third-party application. It allows you to watch movies, series, TV shows, games, etc on a bigger screen.

To connect your Android with a monitor, Open your Android Settings > More > Cast > Turn on > Then Find & Connect your Device. The smartphone and monitor should have Wi-Fi to pair with each other.

2. Turn Off Tap Sound & Vibration

I’ve seen many users using a smartphone without turning off tap sound and haptic feedback vibration. It includes keyboard typing sound & vibration, tap feedback, navigation button pressing feedback, etc. If you care about your battery life a little more, you should always keep it turned off. Since it decreases the battery usage time due to extra hardware use.

To do so, Open device Settingssound & vibration settings > toggle off tap sound, and turn off vibrate on tap.

3. Encrypt Your Device

Your device contains lots of private things such as gallery photos, videos, document files, phone numbers, etc. If somehow anyone hacked your Android device, can misuse your photos & documents. You can use this setting to encrypt your smartphone’s data to make it a little more secure.

To encrypt your device, go the privacy from the settings, tap encrypt device using lock screen password and turn it on. To know more, about Android encryption read this What is device encryption and what does it do? 

4. Developer Mode Settings

Developer Mode is an Android hidden setting for the developers. This setting contains lots of useful developer settings that a normal user can use too, such options are USB debugging, OEM unblocking, Force 4x MSAA, etc. To enable developer mode setting in your Android phone, go to Settings > About phone > tap 7 times on build number. Now one more developer mode should be added to your settings.

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5. OEM Unblocking

OEM unblocking is a process of unlocking the bootloader of your smartphone to install TWRP, to root your device, and other stuff like that. If you are going to perform any of these things, you need to enable it first. To enable OEM unlocking, go to the developer mode setting > toggle on OEM unblocking.

6. USB Debugging

This is the most useful setting for developers. It becomes essential to enable this option for connecting your computer to your Android smartphone. Meanwhile, If you are going to perform any operation into your Android device through a computer or laptop, it must be enabled. You can easily turn it on from the Android developer setting.

7. Send Fake Location

You can use this Android trick to send a fake location to your friend using the mock location feature which is found under the developer settings. To send the fake location, download mock location app from play store then open it and choose a fake location > go to developer options > select mock location app > choose the app. That’s it. To try it send your current location to a person and you will find the fake location.

8. Cellular Data Always Active

While you disconnect the WiFi, the internet connection goes off for a second which can interrupt your downloading process or another internet-related process. To prevent this, you can use the Cellular Data Always Active feature. To enable it, go to settings > developer options > turn on cellular data always active.

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9. Force RTL Layout Direction

You can reverse your display layout using the RTL layout direction. In case if your preferred language is Urdu you should use this, turn on this feature.  Force RTL layout direction from developer options.

10. Background Process Limit

If you have a low-budget smartphone having low RAM memory. Use this feature to prevent the background process, as a result, it takes less RAM which means now your device will run smoothly. To use this, go to the developer options > Background process limit > choose any number one to four. You can set the limit of background running process apps from one to four (two or three is preferred for laggy smartphones).

11. Increase Smartphone Speed

You can increase your smartphone performance twice faster than before by increasing the animation speed. Go to “Developer Settings” Set Window animation scale, Window transition scale, and Animator duration scale to 1x. Now you can see the difference yourself.

12. Improve Gaming Performance

Nowadays, most people have a gaming phone that can handle some powerful games too but not everyone has. However, this Android hack will not improve very much performance as you are expecting but you can feel it. It boosts graphics power, of course! that takes more battery, to improve the gaming performance. To enable it, Goto, the developer options > Force 4x MSAA > Toggle it on.

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13. Select To Speak

It’s not much useful for normal user but great for verbal lovers. It pronounces the word or text or sentence that you select. To enable it, go to accessibility > select to speak > toggle on.  Now click on the message logo from the bottom right corner then select the word.

14. Use Magnification Gesture

You can enable magnification gestures from the Android accessibility settings. To use this feature, quickly tap three times on the screen to zoom in on the text. It can be useful for some people.

15. Use Mono Audio

Sometimes, our earphone gets damaged from one side and As we know, we’re using the stereo sound feature that produces a different sound from both ears, in case you cannot listen to music from one side of earphone properly. There it comes mono audio that divides each sound to both ears. So in case, if your earphone got damaged from one, enable Mono audio from accessibility settings (However, this temporary solution for this type of problem).

16. Track Your Android Smartphone Location

To track your smartphone location, you need an email that already signed in to the device which you want to track. Now, install Google find my device app from the play store then open it and choose your Google account and click find my device. From here you can not only track your smartphone location but also lock the device remotely, erase the data, etc.

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17. Try RAR Android App

RAR is a very useful Android app for managing archives or compressed files. From this app, you can create archive files into zipping, Tar, Gz, and other formats and extract files back to normal. It is available on the play store free of cost.

18. Root Your Android

Rooting your device is a step to get full control or privilege of the device under you. Although the support from the company may be expired instantly and you may take risks from entering viruses more often. However, after rooting the device, you can do so many things that you can do without rooting. For example, delete system apps, move apps data to the sd card, install custom ROMs, hack WiFi, etc. Here’s How to Root your Android Phone you may like it.

19. Start Codings into Android Phone

Yes. It’s true. You can use your smartphone as a coding machine-like computer by installing the IDEs for different programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, etc. Although you can not perform high-end graphics or data science level operations, but you can do some basic coding very easily. To find an IDE for your programming language just search your IDE name on the Play Store and install them.

20. Install Kali Linux On Android Phone Without Root

You can use this Android Hack to install Kali Linux on your Android phone which is a very powerful operating system for hackers, and programmers. It is used in many organizations for security purposes. Earlier you need to root your Android device to install Kali Linux on Android devices but now one can install it without rooting the device. Read more from here.

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21. Safe Mode

Sometimes, your smartphone keeps crashing due to internal/system issues or if you want to boot your smartphone without User apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, or other installed apps, in both cases you can use this Android hack, the “Safe Mode“. To enable safe mode, press & hold the power button and again hold the power off option for 9-10 seconds and reboot it to safe mode. That’s it.

22. Use Google Assistant To Perform the Task

Google Assistant may be very useful for performing some basic operations on your smartphone wirelessly. Some operations are, unlock your smartphone with your voice, turn on wifi, torch, Bluetooth, check your current location, etc. Nowadays, every smartphone has already installed Google Assistant so you don’t need to worry about that.

23. Turn Of Unknown Source

If you care more about your smartphone than me, go ahead and turn off the unknown source right now. It can install pirated apps/third-party apps that can harm your device or leak your data very easily, some virus attacks may happen too. As you heard you should always install the Android app from the play store only. So it’s better to turn it off, Goto Security option from settings > Privacy > Turn off unknown source.

24. Enable Google Assistant

Through Google Assistant, we can perform such basic operations wirelessly like turning on/off the torch, and wifi, you can use it to communicate too, search your queries, etc. But, I’ve seen some smartphones still don’t have this feature. For those smartphones, you can install the Google Assistant app from the play store.

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25. Share Internet Without Hotspot

Maybe you are using a desktop computer or a laptop, both require you to connect with a Hotspot or dongle to browse the internet. Since WiFi is an easy and modern way to browse the internet, people prefer WiFi over the dongle. But as you know if you have WiFi, other users may connect so it’s better to use USB Tethering.

To enable USB tethering, you need to connect your computer or laptop to a smartphone. Once connected, Goto smartphone Settings > More > USB tethering. Turn it on. That’s it.

26. Use VPN

VPN is the only way to hide your identity from the internet, Neither incognito mode or other methods can do this. Incognito mode does not save history on your device but the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) easily can get your history. A VPN hides your identity completely from the ISPs by changing its server to another country.

Use a good VPN like NordVPN that does not sell your browsing data. Don’t be afraid, your ISPs may sell your browsing data too.

27. Reading Mode

If you use smartphones mostly at night (of course you use), you should force yourself to turn the Reading mode on. It prevents blue lights to reflect in your eyes which can harm your retina by covering them with yellow lights. To enable reading mode Goto the settings > Display Settings > Reading Mode > Turn on. steps may vary for different smartphones.

28. SOS Mode

Go to the smartphone’s “Settings” tap “Personal” select “Privacy and Emergency“, then choose the “SOS” option and enable it by typing your custom message. Now anytime, when you’re in trouble you can press the volume down button 10 times, it will automatically call on an emergency number.

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29. Check Battery Stats

From the battery option from the settings, you can check your all activity related to the battery. You can track which smartphone is taking more battery and eliminate or uninstall that right now. You get a graph preview of 24 hours battery stats.

30. Google Play Protect

Google play protect is a feature of the play store to check malicious files or viruses of the installed apps. As soon as it detects a virus, it removes that app from your device from giving flash warn.   It is enabled by default from the play store. You can check it, open Play Store > Slide left to the menu section > Play Protect > Turn on (if it’s turned off).

Bottom Line

We have talked about 30 Android tricks and hacks with some Android hidden settings. There is much more you can do with your Android smartphone using several that we will talk about in the future.

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