Apple’s Dynamic Island is Now Available on Android phones!

While Apple’s “Dynamic Island” features took so many years to introduce, Android only took only a few weeks to accomplish that. It’s a new feature introduced in the recently launched Apple’s devices iPhone 14 Pro‌‌ and the ‌‌iPhone 14 Pro‌‌ Max. After only a few weeks, Android developers also found a way to bring this feature into your Android smartphones.

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The Dynamic Island feature utilizes the empty spaces around the front notch (or camera cutout) in iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max by providing some useful information. It’s like a mini live feed that indicates ongoing activities, background activities, and apps you’ve opened, also you can click on the apps to open them. Not only that, it also displays charging animation, incoming call notifications, AirPod connections, and other system alerts.

Dynamic Island in Android

These features are available on Android phones via an app called DynamicSpot. Thanks to Jawomo who made this app possible. The app is still in the early development phase so it might have some bugs. But, it works perfectly “Ok” on my Android device. The app allows you to choose apps that you want to get visible in the spot as well as manually adjust the size and position of DynamicSpot around the camera notch. It includes other features like charging animations, low battery indicator, single tap to open the app, long press to expand or collapse the popup, auto-hide popup, and more.

DynamicSpot is available on the Google Play Store and it is free to download. But, it requires additional fees ($4.99) to unlock more features.

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