30 Best Android Apps in 2023 [Updated List]

Best Android Apps (Free + Paid Apps)

You can extend the functionalities and features of your Android smartphones using Android apps. There are over millions of free and paid apps available on the Google Play Store you can download on your phone. In this list, we have included office apps, camera apps, multimedia apps, cloud apps, learning apps, VPNs, and more. So, … Read more

The 11 Best Android Camera Apps

Best Android Camera Apps

Nowadays, modern smartphones have dual, triple, or even quadruple camera setups to enhance picture quality. However, it won’t be enough if the synchronization between software and hardware is not perfect. For instance, Google Pixel devices shoot the best quality images with a single camera setup. This is one thing that you should know. Now, come … Read more

10 Best WhatsApp Alternatives You Should Know

10 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp to Switch Right Now [2021]

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms out there. It is available for smartphones as well as desktop devices through WhatsApp Web. The platform has so many advantages over other messaging apps. It comes with an extremely user-friendly interface, a built-in UPI system, multiple privacy and security settings, wallpaper customizations, and much more. … Read more

The 11 Most Useful Chrome Extensions in 2023

Best Chrome Extensions You Should Know

Chrome extensions are small pieces of software that can add features, or change the way you interact with your browser. Extensions can help make your browsing experience much better, more secure or easier. It also enables you to get better at productivity. However, with hundreds of thousands of extensions out there, it’s hard to find … Read more

15 Best Health Apps For Android in 2023

Best Health Apps For Android in 2022

Most successful people do go to the gym, follow healthy diets, take health supplements like protein or multivitamins, etc to stay always fit. Maintaining good health is very important to keep yourself always on the right track and catch your dreams. With the help of these Android apps, you can easily be able to monitor … Read more

7 Best Free and Paid VPN for Android (2023) (AI Content)

Best VPN for Android in 2022

Best VPN for Android: You know the internet is a wild and weird place, where you have to be careful about what you click on. Just because something is free, doesn’t mean it can’t compromise your privacy or leave you open to hackers and other cyber threats. Whether you’re browsing on your phone or tablet, … Read more

25 Best Telegram tips and tricks you should know (updated)

Telegram Tips & Tricks

Telegram is a solid cross-platform messaging app with unlimited features, tips and tricks. It is also one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. Telegram is often similar to other messaging apps, however, it offers tons of extra features that none of them have. For instance, you can create a group on Telegram of 200,000 people, … Read more

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android and iPhone

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android and iPhone

YouTube is the ultimate video-sharing website on the planet. On this platform, you can share unlimited number of videos as well as like, share, subscribe to channels, and more. To make the experience better for you, YouTube continuously adds some cool features to make watching videos more fun. But, there’s one thing that it lacks … Read more