10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO

If you’re a blogger or content writer, the term “Keyword” will always be wandering all around in your blogs or articles. It’s because Keyword is one of the key components of SEO whether you’re starting a new online business or creating your own blog website you’re gonna need it. In this article, I have listed the 10 best free keyword research tools for SEO that can help you to increase your website traffic.

But first, let’s know the definition of Keyword and why do we need Keyword research tools.

What is Keyword in SEO?

In SEO, Keywords are basically “search terms” or “search queries” done in search engines. In simple terms, Keywords are phrases or words that billions of internet users search on Google or other search engines on daily basis. Read more about keywords from my previous blog How to Write SEO Friendly Article For WordPress or Blogger [Full Guide]

Why do you need a Keyword Research Tool?

To get more visibility of the website in search engines it needs to work with so many different keywords. The problem is that we do not use or add any Keywords that have zero search volume or very low search on a website. We should always take a keyword that has a high search volume and low difficulty level. Using a Keyword research tool, you can easily find the search volume of each keyword along with some other information such as cost per click, difficulty level, etc.

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10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO

There are so many free and premium keyword research tools available on the internet but we’ve included only the 10 best free keyword research tools for SEO. 

1. Ubersuggest

10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO

Ubersuggest (by Neil Patel) is one of the best free keyword research tools available for all bloggers. The platform has gained popularity in a very short period of time. Ubersuggest lets you type and find the keyword stats along with search volumeSEO difficultypaid difficulty, CPC (Cost per click), and other useful information. It also shows similar keywords with their search volume, etc. Moreover, the metric graph displays the historical performance of the keyword on the two different platforms.

Ubersuggest Keyword tool

Along with that, Ubersuggest can do website audits and find out some SEO errors. 

2. Semrush


Semrush is an almost two-decade years old SEO marketing platform with so much recognition in the industry. It has some really powerful SEO tools that it offers to website bloggers and businesses. Semrush keyword explorer is one of the features of Semrush, which has the ability to analyze bulk keywords and compare multiple keywords. 

Semrush Keyword Planner

The platform shows a detailed overview of a particular keyword along with search volumekeyword difficulty, global volume, etc. It also analyzes SERP on a particular keyword and displays the top 10 ranked websites. Many agencies use Semrush to audit their sites and monitor their competitors. 

3. Keywordtool.io


Keywordtool.io is a basic keyword research tool for every blogger, Youtuber, social influencer, etc. The platform has some great features. It lets you find suitable keywords for many platforms such as YouTube, Google, Bing, Amazon, Play Store, Instagram, and Twitter, Etc. You can select all keywords and export them in CSV or Excel format. 

4. WordStream Free Keyword Tool

WordStream Keyword research

WordStream is a free keyword research tool founded in 2007. The platform shows the total search volume of keywords in months along with CPC, Competition level, and other information on a very beginner-friendly user interface. You can also choose industry along with location while keyword researching. With the help of one feature of WordStream, you can send your all searched keywords directly to your email address.  

5. Moz Keyword Explorer

5. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz is an SEO-focused company founded in 20004. Moz free plan lets you know monthly keyword search volume, difficulty level, organic CTR, priority, and more. Also, you can use Moz free domain analysis tool to analyze your domain. It tells you domain authority, linking domains, ranking keywords, and spam score, etc. 

6. Google Trends

Google Trends Keyword Research Tools For SEO

Google Trends is a free keyword research tool. It shows the relative popularity of a search query which is not exactly the search volume of a keyword. Basically, it compares the search volume of multiple queries and displays it into a graph. Google trends is a super useful SEO tool if you know how to use it. To understand it briefly, read this Ahref’s blog where he has explained step by step how to use Google Trends for keyword research

7. Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads is another useful tool by Google where you can do the bidding of the keywords by looking at the search volume of the search queries along with CPC (Cost Per Click). However, you need to sign in first. 

8. Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword tool dominator is a free SEO tool that helps bloggers to find suitable keywords for their blogs. It shows all the search keywords on multiple different platforms, such as Amazon, Youtube, Bing, Google, etc. 

9. Google Search Autocomplete

Google Search Autocomplete

You can take the help of the Google search Autocomplete feature to choose the perfect search keywords for your blog. Visit Google and type a keyword on the search box and then see the recommendations below, choose any one of them. 

10. Soovle

Best Keyword Research Tool

Soovle shows the most searched keyword suggestions when you type the keyword in the search box. It’s simple, fast, and very easy to use. 

Conclusion on Best Keyword Research Tool

I hope you like the best free keyword research tools for SEO. There are also some Chrome extensions that you can use for keyword research. We’ve made a similar article on 25 Best Google Chrome Extensions For SEO click to read about them. If you’ve any questions or queries let me know in the comment box.

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