9 Best Google Chrome Extensions That You Should Know

Google Chrome is one of the lightest web browsers for many platform users. Nowadays, it is used by almost every internet user. Chrome has so many cool features, tips, and tricks that make browsing much easier. However, you can do a lot more than that with the help of some useful Google Chrome extensions.

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9 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

There are tons of extensions available for Chrome, e.g. some can boost your system volume by 600%, or some can take awesome screenshots, block the ads, and many more. These extensions/plugins will help you in so many of your online activities, such as web browsing, watching youtube videos, or listening songs, etc. In this section, we have discussed the 9 best Google Chrome extensions that you should know.

1. Volume Master

Volume Master

Volume Master is probably one of my favorite Chrome extensions. It can boost your system volume by over 600% while playing songs or videos. It is a useful extension when your laptop has very low sound and you can’t hear music properly. It allows you to manage system volume level through any of your open Chrome tabs and works only inside the Chrome browser. So, if you want to increase the volume of your laptop you should try other methods.

Note that it can also harm your speakers if you don’t use it properly. To ensure your speakers are safe, never boost the volume to 600%. Otherwise, the sound will be messed up and you’ll not hear anything properly.

2. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

This is another useful extension that allows you to take awesome screenshots within Chrome browser. It includes multiple features/tools that help you to customize your screenshots in various styles and also add special effects, like blur, shape crops, desktop capture, etc. Moreover, it has also a screen recording feature that lets you record your laptop/computer screen with multiple styles. It needs access to your hard drive or SSD to save captured screenshots or videos on your computer.

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3. Google Translate

Google Translate

As you know, Google Translate allows you to translate your grammar, words, or sentences from one language to another language. You can use this extension to perform quick actions within the Chrome browser or tab. Once installed, you can very easily convert your word, phrases, or web pages between English and over 100 other languages. To do so, select the word, phrase, or web page then right-click on it and click translate. It is available on the Chrome web store for free.

4. Adblocker Extension for Chrome

Adblocker Extension for Google Chrome

When you visit a website most likely you’re going to encounter tons of ads. Similarly, when you click on a YouTube video most likely you’ll see different ads before the actual content. Sometimes, it can be a very irritating experience for you. That’s where Adblocker comes in place. Adblocker is one of the best Google Chrome extensions to prevent displaying ads on websites and YouTube as well. This extension also comes with some premium features, that include malware detection, secure privacy, block pop-up ads, and more. For your info, it is 100% safe and legal to use Adblocker to block ads.

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5. Grammarly

Grammarly Extension for Google Chrome

If you’d love writing content for websites or blogs, etc like me, you should use Grammarly for sure. It is a Google Chrome extension that monitors your grammar, spelling, and sentences and enables you to re-correct them with suggestions. It also includes premium features for paid membership only. However, its free version works perfectly fine for an average writer. I’m certain that you’ll find a lot of grammar or spelling mistakes in your content once you’ll start using Grammarly.

9 Best Google Chrome Extensions: Continued

6. Dark Reader

Dark Reader

Dark Reader is an open-source project & ads-free extension for the Google Chrome browser. It basically switches the Chrome browser theme to dark color, so you can protect your eyes from flashy lights. To enable dark mode, just add Dark reader in your Chrome > Click on the extension icon from the top right corner > click on Dark Reader > then, toggle to enable dark mode. You can also enable dark mode in incognito mode. To do so, just go to Dark Reader extension settings > and enable dark mode for incognito mode. Here’s how to enable Chrome dark mode without using an extension.

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7. Convertio

Convertio Extension for Google Chrome

Convertio is a very powerful Google Chrome extension. It allows you to convert the different file formats from one to another, i.e. MP4 to MP3. You can convert your video formats (i.e.MP4) to .MP3 format, or images (i.e. JPG) to .PNG format, etc. It has multiple file formats for as archives, presentations, fonts, documents, and ebooks, etc. To do so, add Convertio to Chrome, then click on this extension from the top right icon and choose your file type. It is really useful in certain scenarios.

8. Smart Mute

Smart Mute: Google Chrome Extensions

Smart Mute is a very lightweight but useful extension. It lets you play songs and videos smarter. Sometimes, when you play songs in multiple tabs, all those audios get mixed up with each other making it non-understandable for anyone. The Smart Mute lets you play songs in only one tab at a time. You can also exclude tabs from muting audios as well. It got some other features too, such as silent mode, pinned tabs, whitelists, blacklists, and more.

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9. Save To Pocket

Save to Pocked: the best extension for Chrome

Save to Pocket is a very simple tool that lets you save the articles, images, videos, etc links into a separate pocket that you can access and view later. To save articles into the pocket, just right-click on the link and click on add to pocket or press Ctrl+Shift+P from the keyboard. You can say, it’s just an advanced version of the traditional bookmarks feature.


So, with that being said, we’re done with the 9 best Google Chrome extensions that you should know. We’ll bring more articles on Google Chrome and other latest technologies that you might not know. If you like this article, make sure you leave a comment and share it with your friends.


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