Best Google Chrome Tricks For Android (You Can Try it Now)

Google Chrome is one of the most used internet browser on Android and desktop platform. The browser offers a lot more. It’s fast, lightweight, and super powerful browser there. The Brower comes with so many features & tools such as dark mode, secure browsing, lite mode, etc. Along with that, Google Chrome tricks helps to improve overall browsing experience.

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Google Chrome Tips & Tricks For Android

In other article, we’ve published Useful Google Chrome Tips and Tricks For PC. Here the article is dedicated for Android smartphone, however, some Chrome tricks may work on iPhone as well.

1. Safe Browsing

Google Chrome includes safe browsing features which adds an extra protection layer between browser and your data. A browser must have a better firewall system that prevents unwanted cyber attacks on your smartphone or leaks your crucial data such as ID & passwords. Safe browsing lets you browse websites more secured & protected from the attacks. So Google Chrome informs you earlier as he detects any security breaches.

By the way, this feature is enable by default. However, you can turn it on again if it’s turned on. To do so, open Google Chrome browser on your Android phone and go to Chrome browser settings. Then click on Sync & Google services and Turn On Safe Browsing from here.

2. Dark Mode

The most demanding feature the Dark Mode is finally here. Google Chrome officially releases dark mode feature to all Android users. Dark Mode feature protects users eye from harmful blue lights and more focus on browsing. Earlier, this feature was in development stage and you had go to Chrome flags settings (Developer Settings) to enable it from there. But, you can now enable dark mode directly from the Chrome’ settings. Here’s how

  • First, update Chrome browser from the Android PlayStore
  • Then, Open Chrome Browser
  • Tap on “Three dot” from top right corner & Go to “Settings
  • Tap on “Themes” and Choose “Dark” option

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3. Lite Mode

Sometimes, we face low internet speed problem and browser couldn’t load the content. In this situation, Lite Mode can help you. When Lite Mode enabled, it compresses unnecessary elements of the web page and recues it’s size by 60%. Thus, results faster page loading speed even in low internet connection. Follow these steps to enable Lite Mode on Chrome browser

  • Open “Chrome browser” on your Phone
  • Then, tap on “three dot” and open “Settings
  • Scroll down to “Lite Mode” and click to open it
  • Now simply “Toggle the switch” to turn it On

4. Offer to Translate

Google Chrome has embedded the translator to its browser which allows users to switch articles from one language to another. Let’s understand it, how it works?

When you open an article or a web page in Chrome, it automatically detects the language of the article and offers you to change the language. Along with that, you can tap to select & translate any word or sentence as well. However, you first need to enable this feature from the Chrome’s Settings. To do this, Open Chrome > Settings > Languages > Turn on Offer to translator pages in other language. Also, you can change the language from here.

5. Swipe to Switch Tab

Generally, people use tab section to switch between Chrome tabs. Using this Google Chrome trick, you can switch between multiple tabs by swiping on URL bar from left to right. Swipe Left to move to the left side and Right to move to the right side of the current tab. This feature is enabled by default and you cannot disable or modify it.

Alternatively, Swipe URL bar to the bottom which will give access to see and close all the Chrome tabs.

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6. Chrome Duet Mode

Google Chrome hides so many tricks inside developer settings, Duet Mode is one them. Chrome duet adds an extra toolbar on the bottom that include a few shortcut buttons. This feature is better for bigger screen devices.

To enable Duet Mode, Go to Chrome URL bar and type “Chrome://flags” without quotes then hit enter. On the search icon, type Duet and again hit enter to search. Select the first option and Choose enable from drop-down menu.

SadNews Google Chrome’s bottom tab “Duet” experiment has likely been killed off

7. Add Website Shortcuts to Home Screen

You can add your favorite website shortcut to the home screen of your smartphone. So rather than going through browser, you can visit the website directly from home screen. To create a home screen shortcut, visit your favorite website then tap three dot menu and select Add to Home Screen. You can also change change the name of the shortcut.

8. View Source Code

The source code shows the actual HTML, CSS, & JavaScript codes running behind a web page. You should try out this feature especially if you’re web developer. To do so, Open a web page and type “view-source:” before the URL (i.e. view-source: then hit enter or search. Voilà! you can see the codes that builds a web page.

9. Tap & Search

This Chrome trick can save your time a lot. Tap & Search feature helps you to quickly search about texts within a same tab. On a webpage, simply tap & select a text and search from the text options. Now, you’ll be redirected to another page where you can find out about the text.

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10. Find On a Page

Finding something on a longer web page might be a hard work for you. Here this Chrome trick can make things easier for you. Tap on three dot in the Chrome browser while the page is opened and tap on Find in page option that brings a tool where you can search for the text and go back & forth to the texts.

11. Disable Home icon in Chrome

Beside URL bar, you can see a home icon everywhere inside Chrome browser. If you accidently touch that icon, it directly redirects to the home page of the Chrome. To disable home icon, move back to settings of the Chrome browser and toggle “Show Home Button” to turn it off.

12. Force Zoom

Some web pages don’t allow us to Zoom in/out. However, you can override this in Chrome using Force Zoom feature. To enable this, Go to browser’s Settings > Accessibility > Force Enable Zoom. Now you can Zoom in on any web page.

Alternatively, you can view web page in desktop mode to Zoom in.

13. View in Desktop Mode

You can easily load a website in desktop mode in Chrome browser. To do this, tap on three dot and select desktop-view option that will load the website in desktop screen format. Sometimes, this thing solve some web page specific issue such as context out of smartphone screen and other.

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14. Save as PDF

You can read a PDF file offline on your smartphone. Whereas web page requires internet connection. But do you know? you can easily convert a web page into PDF file without any third-party apps. To perform this operation, open a web page > tap on three dots > tap share > Choose print option. Where you can save the page as a PDF file. Now you can share this portable file to your friends and they can read this offline.

15. Download Latest News Articles Automatically

If you prefer reading latest news article regularly, this feature for you. It allows users to download the latest articles automatically over the WIFI. It fetch all the news from Google news. To enable this cool feature, Tap On Three Dot > Downloads > Settings from the top right corner> Then enable the option to Download Articles For you on WiFi.

16. Switch Search Engine

Chrome uses Google as a default search engine. However, it can be changed to another search engine very easily. Go to Chrome Settings then Tap on Search Engine and Choose your preferred search engine. Basically, you get three main search engines inside Chrome for Android: Google, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo.

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