20 Best Internet Tricks and Tips [2023]

Internet is so broad, attractive and there are lots of hidden Internet tricks available that most Internet users don’t have any idea. Below, I have provided 20 Internet tricks and Tips that you should know for daily internet surfing with more ease.

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20 best Internet tricks are as follows:

1. Download YouTube videos (without any software)

From the Chrome browser:

internet tricks

You can easily download YouTube videos without any software by using the “SS” keyword after https://www. , it will redirect you to the download link where you can download YouTube videos in multiple formats. Click here for the full tutorial.

For the Android/iOS Youtube app

Here are the step to download Youtube videos from the Youtube app

  • Play a Youtube video which you’ve to download
  • Click on the share button
  • tap copy link
  • paste it on chrome browser and hit enter
  • now open the link again
  • it will look something like this “https://www.youtube.com/watch?
  • add the ss letter after www. like this “https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?”
  • You will redirect to another website from where you can download the youtube video in various formats.

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2. Use quotes(” “) 

Google offers you to find the exact word/phrase from Google.com that you want to search. You can perform it by using the keywords inside the quotes (“). For example, if you search the irankup in quotes “irankup”, it will show only those pages which have the exact same phrase. Try it.  

Use Quoto ("") in Google for better search

3. Download website contents for offline surfing

This trick is for those users who have low internet speed. They can use this trick to save the website for offline surfing.

Here are 3 simple steps to download/save a website-

  1. Visit the website which has to be downloaded
  2. Press Ctrl+S from the keyboard
  3. Now save it anywhere in your drive.

Now from the saved file, you can view and surf that website.

20 best internet tricks and hacks

4. Download mp3 directly from Google

Get the direct download link for the songs from Google using intitle:index.of?mp3 keyword. Just put the song name after intitle:index.of?mp3 and hit the search button.

For example, intitle:index.of?mp3 your song name.

Download Mp3 Directly using intitle:index.of?mp3 your song name

5. Use Chrome browser as a notepad

Chrome notepad trick

Sometimes you need the notepad while you’re surfing the Internet on the browser. You can use the Chrome notepad to remember something temporarily.

Here are the simple steps to use the Chrome browser as a notepad-

  • Copy this code:  data:text/html, <html contenteditable>
  • Open chrome and go to the URL bar
  • Paste the above code on the URL bar
  • Boom! Notepad has opened and is ready to use.

This Internet trick works in almost every browser. Try it now.

6. Open accidentally closed tab in Chrome 

Sometimes you’re doing a very important task and accidentally you closed the tab. Don’t worry, you can get back to the Chrome tab by pressing and holding the Ctrl+Shift+T key simultaneously from the keyboard. I know this is not the best Internet trick but it’s very useful while internet browsing.

7. Search similar images to an image

Google provides us many features and tricks but this one seems better. To search similar/related images from Google visit Google Images and upload an image Google automatically provides you with similar images from its database.

Google Images

8. Use Define keyword on Google search

You can use define: keyword to get the definition of any word. Put a word after using define: keyword and search it on Google.

Using Define: Keyword on Google

9. Access blocked websites on the Internet

If some websites that are banned in your country can be accessed very easily from your computer by using a VPN.

Download and install a VPN on your computer and connect the server to a different country except for your country. Now open the banned website.
You can do the same thing with an Android Phone.

10. Corrupt a file using Internet

You can use this Corrupt-a-file website to corrupt a file of your friend or related for fun.

Corrupt a file trick

Best Internet Tricks: Continued

11. Watch YouTube videos without ads

If you’re irritated with Youtube ads, turn off all the ads right now by using an adblocker. Adblocker provides you a service to turn off not only Youtube ads but also you can remove ads from the internet.

Note: Some websites can not be accessed if you’re using an adblocker.

12. Make a Temporary email address

Temporary email site: Tempmail.com

Yes! it’s true. You can make a temporary email address to log in anywhere on the internet by placing it on your personal email address while signing in. You can use a temporary email to avoid emails span in your personal email.

Search temporary email on Google, it will provide you hundreds of website that offers temporary emails. Temp-mail.org is one of the best websites that provides temporary email for free. You can use it for your personal use and reduce spam.

13. Use Google Scholar

Google Scholar Trick

You might not know Google Scholar, it provides you an essay method to search scholarly literature or essays. Use Google Scholar for searching essays and literature instead of Google.  

14. Use the “index of” keyword to get the download link directly

This is one of my favorite best internet tricks and hacks. You can use the index of keyword before any series name/movie name/mp3 song name in Google search bar to get the download link directly.  

index of internet trick

15. Use the – (minus sign) to hide the web page containing that phrase

Use – (minus sign) before a phrase/word in a Google search to remove the web pages that contain the exact phrase. For example, iPhone 11 -Flipkart will show only the search result that is not containing the “Flipkart” word.

use minus(-) trick

16. Flip a coin

You can use Google as a Toss instead of a coin. Type flip a coin in Google search and hit enter, it will toss a coin in between heads and tails for you. It can be considered as Google tricks.

flip coin internet trick

17. Use askew keyword

Use the askew or tilt keyword in Google search and hit enter to tilt the search page.

18. Use Calculator in a Smart way

If your device doesn’t have any calculator app, take the help of Google by searching a calculator in Google search. 

internet calculator

19. Using incognito mode

You might know this. You can use incognito mode to hide the browsing history from the device. But it doesn’t hide the IP address, to keep yourself more secured using A VPN is the best solution.

20. Play Youtube videos in slow-motion

Press and hold the space key from the keyboard while playing a Youtube video, the video will play in slow-motion. You don’t need to set the playback speed from the youtube setting. Try it now.

21. Use Fast Internet in Low Network

This is one of the internet tricks for those who mostly live in a village or rural area. There’s always a problem of low internet speed in most villages which means they cannot surf the internet smoothly.

Today I got a trick for you to increase your internet speed. Open the dialer app of your smartphone and make a phone call to someone, once he picked up the call, surf any website you want. Boom! Now You will see the internet speed is increased amazingly. That’s how you can boost your internet speed. (You can also call 198 or another mobile number and put the phone on hold and still work)


Thank you for reading to the bottom. I have written lots of tricks in the technology category. check it out.