25 Best Signal Messenger Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Signal is a recently launched open-source end-to-end encrypted messaging app for Android and iOS platforms to rival WhatsApp and other social messaging apps. The app has gained so much popularity and has reached more than 530 million users after the new WhatsApp privacy policy and the recent tweet of Elon Musk “Use Signal.” Moving forward, Signal doesn’t collect any type of data from users for their personal use or sell to third-party companies. Along with that, Signal offers tons of tools and useful features that would provide a much better chatting experience to all users. So, let’s begin this article with the 25 best signal messenger tips and tricks you should know.

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Here are the 25 best Signal Messenger Tips and Tricks:

1. Use Signal as Default SMS App

Use Signal as Default SMS App

As we know, Signal is an online chatting app like WhatsApp, however, you can set this app for default SMS to send offline messages as well. You can also import offline messages into the app.

To do this, open the Signal app on your smartphone and tap on three dots, Select Settings then tap on SMS and MMS, tap on the SMS Disabled option > choose Signal as a default SMS app.

2. Wi-Fi calling on Signal

Wi-Fi calling on Signal Messenger

You should enable Wi-Fi calling feature on Signal to call your friends or family member using Wi-Fi. Also, it improves the calling quality as well.
Open Signal app > Tap on the profile icon and go to Signal settings > tap on SMS and MMS > Enable ‘WiFi Calling’ compatibility mode. Note that this feature can be enabled only if your device support Wi-Fi calling.

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3. Dark Mode

Signal Dark Mode

The dark mode is now an essential feature of any Android apps, that you get on Signal messenger as well. Once you install Signal on your phone, it automatically adapts the theme according to your system theme, however, one can manually change the option from app settings. To do this, Open Signal app > Tap on three dots from the top right corner > Go to Settings > Tap on Appearance > Tap on Theme > Choose Dark. You’ve successfully enabled dark mode on Signal.

Here’s a complete tutorial on how to enable dark mode in Signal app.

4. Read Receipt: Best Signal Messenger Tricks

 Read Receipt: Best Signal Messenger Tricks

Read Receipt is the exact same features as you get in WhatsApp. If enabled, the blue tick won’t show in any chat conversation done with you. Basically, it doesn’t let your friend or family know that you’ve read their messages. Here’s how to enable it:

Open the Signal app on your phone and tap on your profile picture from the top left corner to open Settings, tap Privacy then enable the Read Receipt feature from here.

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5. Protect Signal With Your Fingerprint

Lock Signal App With Fingerprint

This Signal privacy feature helps to lock the app on your Android phone to protect your chats from unknown persons. To enable this feature, Open Signal app on your phone > Go to Settings by clicking on three vertical dots from the top right corner > then, click on Privacy > And last, toggle to turn on Screen Lock.

It will automatically lock the Signal app with Android screen lock and require your fingerprint authentication or pattern lock to unlock the app. Also, you can set the screen lock timer to lock your Signal app after a certain time.

6. Block Screenshot inside Signal App

Tricks to Block Screenshot inside Signal App

Someone can take easily take screenshots of your chats, maybe for fun or to blackmail you. However, Signal takes one step further than other messaging apps. It gives an option that will secure your chat screen and block screenshots in recent list and inside the app.

To do so, open Signal app on your smartphone then tap on vertical three dots from the top right corner and select Settings. Then, tap on Privacy and enable Screen Security feature.

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7. Enable Incognito Keyboard While Chatting

Enable Incognito Keyboard While Chatting on Signal messenger

When you type something on the keyboard, it precisely records all your typing data so it can suggest words for the next time when type. But, the problem is it records your sensitive information as well when you type. So, Signal app gives you a feature called ‘Incognito keyboard’ to get rid of this problem. This option is found under Signal > Settings > Privacy > Incognito Keyboard.

8. Disable Message Notifications

Disable Message Notifications

Notifications are pretty common. You get notified every time when someone sends you a message on Signal. However, it’s very easy to handle all the notifications on the Signal app. Just follow this Signal tip to disable annoying message notifications. Go ahead and open Signal app settings and go to the Notification section. Here you can customize notification options according to your choice.

9. Message Disappearing Feature: Best Signal Messenger Tips and Tricks

Message Disappearing Feature: Best Signal Messenger Tips and Tricks

This feature is very similar to the WhatsApp message disappearing feature. While in WhatsApp you can delete a message from everyone if the person doesn’t read your message for 7 days. In Signal app, you can set the message disappearing timer then it will delete your chats automatically from everyone.

To enable it, open a chat in Signal then tap on 3-dot from the top right corner and click on Disappearing message. Now set the timer starting from 5 seconds to 1 week after that certain time it deletes chats from everyone.

10. Link Previews

Link Previews

You can preview a link on Signal without letting your IP address seen by domain. To enable it, open Signal app on your Android or iPhone > Click on your profile icon from the top left corner and go to Settings >  Privacy > enable Generate link previews option. 

11. Use Signal Pin For Additional Security

 Signal tricks to Use Signal Pin For Additional Security

Signal Pin is a similar feature to WhatsApp’s two-step verification feature. In Signal, you can set up a pin of a four-digit number as additional security. So, you’ll be asked to enter the pin whenever you reinstall Signal.

To set up Signal Pin or two-step verification, open Signal app > go to Settings > Advanced > Advanced PIN settings > Enable PIN > Enter 4-Digit PIN then Re-enter your PIN > tap Next to set up the pin successfully.

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12. Disable Auto Media Downloads

Disable Auto Media Downloads

If you’ve joined multiple Signal groups, it’s obvious that you’ll receive thousands of useless media files (including photos, videos, and more) in a day. But, it’s more annoying when your smartphone automatically downloads these useless media files and fills the storage with trash files. However, on Signal app, you can turn off auto-media downloads to prevent automatic media downloading.

To do that, open Signal app > tap three dots from the top right corner > tap on Settings > tap on Chat and Media > tap on When using mobile data > tap to disable every option (i.e. Images, Audio, Video, Documents). And, now do the same thing with two other options: When using Wi-Fi and When Roaming.

13. Increase Chats Font Size

Increase Chats Font Size

You can also increase chats font size on Signal messenger. To do so, open the app > tap 3-dots from the top right corner > tap on Settings > tap on Chats and media > tap on Message font size > choose font size according (i.e. Small, Normal, Large, Extra large).

14. Backup Your Signal Chats

Backup Your Signal Chats

Signal messenger lets the user to backup chats along with messages to an external hard drive. To backup your chat, open Signal app on your smartphone > tap on three vertical dots > tap Settings > open Chat and media > Chat backups > tap on Turn On > Choose Folder > tap on Use this folder > tap to Allow > Copy and save key passphrase in notes in order to restore backups > Tap on Enable Backups

Unlike WhatsApp, Signal keeps offline chat backups in encrypted form so in case, if any hacker gets your chat backups he won’t be able to recover messages from it. You may also like How to Backup Your WhatsApp Messages on Android or iPhone.

15. Storage Management Feature

Storage Management Option

There is a feature on Signal app called Storage Management under app settings. It contains some useful options to optimize chats and storage. The following options are:

  • Keep Messages: With the help of this option, you can set a lifetime limit (From 30 days to forever) of your chats messages and then messages will get destroyed from the app.
  • Conversation length limit: It limits the length of any chats conversation to a specific number of messages. Any chat won’t contain more conversation than you’ve set.
  • Clear messages history: Last but not least. It will clear all the previous messages at once that you’ve done in your chats.

16. View Linked Devices

View Linked Devices

If you don’t know, you can use Signal messenger on multiple platforms at once (such as mobile and Desktop). You can view all linked devices with your Signal account under Signal app > Settings > View linked devices and sign out from other devices directly from here.

If you don’t know, you can use Signal messenger on multiple platforms at once (such as mobile and Desktop). You can view all linked devices with your Signal account under Signal app > Settings > View linked devices and sign out from other devices directly from here.

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17. Typing Indicator

Typing Indicator: Signal tricks

It shows a typing indication to the next side to your friend when you type message on a chat. However, you can turn off this feature on Signal. To do that, open the app > go to Settings > Privacy > Disable Type Indicator. Note that, you will also not able to see typing indicators from others. 

18. Mute a Chat on Signal

You can mute a chat on Signal to prevent unwanted notifications on your smartphone. Go to the app > open a chat > tap on vertical three dots > tap on Conversation settings > tap on Mute notifications > choose a time (i.e. from 1 hour to 1 year).

19. Change Chats Color

You can change chats UI color in Signal messenger. Open a chat on Signal > tap on vertical three dots > tap on Conversation settings > tap on Chat color > choose your color.

20. Share Your Current Location with a Friend

Signal lets their users send your current location with friends and family. Open a chat on Signal > Click on plus icon from bottom right corner > Choose location > tap to Send.

21. Pin A Chat

You can pin multiple chats on Signal to see them first. Open Signal app on your phone > Select a chat or multiple chats > Tap on pin icon from the top bar.

22. Add Contact into Archived Conversation

You can hide your conversation by sending chats into Archived conversation. To do that, open Signal app > Select a chat or multiple chats > tap on the archive icon from the top menu.

23. Block a Contact on Signal

Signal also lets users to block a contact. Open Signal app > open a chat > tap on three vertical dots > open conversation settings > tap on Block. Now, the blocked person won’t be able to send any message.

24. Change Signal App Language

Signal app offers different multiple languages including English. To change the app language:

  • Open Signal app on your smartphone
  • Tap on your profile icon and goto Signal settings
  • Tap on appearance
  • Tap on Language
  • Choose your preferred language.

25. Donate to Signal

Technically, it’s not a feature, however, it should count. Signal is a non-profit organization and this is why it more focuses on users’ privacy. You can donate this app so that it can continue its service and bring more useful features.

To donate Signal messenger, open the app > Click on your profile icon and open Signal settings > Tap on donate to Signal > Open in Chrome browser > Enter your Amount > tap Next > Enter Your Name and Email > Enter Card Number and other details > and Tap on Donate One time.

Final Thought On the 25 Best Signal Messenger Tips and Tricks

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