How to Change app icons in Android Smartphones

Android smartphones have a lot of things to customize the look of the UI. For instance, you can install a whole new launcher, root your device for advanced, install Kali Linux, and more. In this article, I’ll show you how to change app icons in Android smartphones. By using a custom stylish icon gives a fresh new look and experience to your smartphone. Stock Android OS only has a single pre-installed stock icon and doesn’t support a custom app icon feature. However, you can change app icons now by reading this article completely.

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Here’s how to change app icons in Android

There are two methods to change icons. You can use either a new launcher or use an Android app. We’ll show you both methods in this article.

#1: Using NOVA Launcher or Any other launcher

You can change your smartphone’s app icons by switching from the default launcher to a new Android launcher. Nova is one of the best and recommended launchers for you. It has a clean & lightweight UI equipped with highly customizable features. You can download & install the Nova launcher from Google Play Store to your Android phone and set it as a default launcher (To do this, go to phone’ Settings > Home > Choose NOVA launcher). Here’s a full tutorial on how to change app icons using the NOVA launcher:

By using Nova launcher, you can change individual app icon as well as change icons for all apps at once. Here’s how:

1. For Individual app

To change the app icon for an individual app, simply long-press on your installed app > select Edit from the popup menu > tap on Icons > then, choose a custom icon. If you want to back the default icon, once more long-press on the app > select Edit > and, choose the default icon. From here, you can choose your icon shapes to square, rounded square, etc. Also, you can change the icon animations as well.

2. For all Android apps

Icons packs made it easier. Instead of changing app icons individually, icon packs let you change all Android apps icons at once. On the play store, there are tons of free and paid icon packs (such as Google Pie, Lines, Etc) available that you can download and install on your phone.

How to Change app icons in Android Smartphones

Once installed, simply long-press on Nova’s home screen > tap Settings icon > select Look & Feel > select Icon Style > then, Icon theme> lastly, choose your installed icon pack.

That’s it. You’ve successfully changed app icons in your Android phone using the Nova launcher. Here are the best one plus launcher features you may like it.

#2: Using Third-Party Android Apps

For Stock Android OS, there are only a few apps that allow you to change app icons. You can use these apps to change icons only on the Android home screen and not in the app drawer. So, that’s why I recommend you should go with the first method. However, if you still want to do this with Stock Android without using launchers use icon changer apps for Android, such as awesome icons and icon changer. They are 100% free to download from Google Play Store.


In this article, I’ve explained two main methods to change app icons on Android smartphones. You can try these methods on your own. But, I would recommend you to go with the first method because it truly gives the ability to change app icons. Here’s How to Run Android Apps on Windows you may like it.

If you are any questions or queries regarding this article, let me know in the comment box.

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