How To Change Google Keyboard Theme (updated)

Google Keyboard is a very popular keyboard installed on almost every Android smartphone. It comes with many features including themes, Emojis, clipboard, one hand mode, Glide Typing, etc without installing any external plug-ins or extensions.

Here are 10 Features Of Google Keyboard (GBoard you may like.

You can easily add multiple languages such are Hindi, English, Chinese, etc. Inbuild Gifs you can share it with your friends while using messenger apps like WhatsApp. Google Translate is another inbuilt feature that helps you to translate one language to another directly with the Google Keyboard app.

Apart from that, you get some keyboard skins or themes in various gradients such as Dark, Light, Landscapes, and Colors. you can use themes to make the keyboard look attractive. You can apply (add) your own custom themes or photo to this keyboard. Now, come to our topic how to change Google keyboard themes

Follow the given steps to change themes

  1. Goto “Settings” of your smartphone
  2. Tap “Additional Settings
  3. Tap “Language & input
  4. Click “Gboard” from the input method section
  5. Click “Themes“, Here you can see several themes including dark.
  6. Click on any themes whichever you like and click “Apply

  You can add a custom theme with Google Keyboard. For example, you can add your own image or wallpaper.

  • Open “themes” from keyboard settings
  • Click on “+” sign from my themes section
  • Choose an image and click “next
  • Adjust your brightness and click “DONE” then apply it.

That’s how you can add pictures. 

I hope you are successful to change the Google Keyboard themes. If you are facing any issues regarding these, feel free to contact us. Comment down for other topics. Follow me on social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

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