How to View Google Chrome’s Saved Passwords Without Admin Password

How to View Hidden Passwords in Google Chrome [No Admin Password Needed]

Google Chrome is a very popular internet browser among 3 billion users. It has an inbuilt password manager that automatically saves your social media and other passwords when you log in to their websites. To access Google Chrome’s password manager on your desktop or mobile, go to Chrome’s Settings then Passwords. The password manager in … Read more

The 11 Most Useful Chrome Extensions in 2023

Best Chrome Extensions You Should Know

Chrome extensions are small pieces of software that can add features, or change the way you interact with your browser. Extensions can help make your browsing experience much better, more secure or easier. It also enables you to get better at productivity. However, with hundreds of thousands of extensions out there, it’s hard to find … Read more

11 Best Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

Google Chrome extensions for SEO

Every online blogger or digital marketer understands the importance of SEO. It is one of the most important key aspects to rank your business or articles or blog posts in the most popular search engines, like Google, Bing, etc. There are so many free keyword research tools for SEO available on the market, you can … Read more

9 Best Google Chrome Extensions That You Should Know

Best Chrome Extensions You Should Know

Google Chrome is one of the lightest web browsers for many platform users. Nowadays, it is used by almost every internet user. Chrome has so many cool features, tips, and tricks that make browsing much easier. However, you can do a lot more than that with the help of some useful Google Chrome extensions. Related: … Read more

How to Clear Browsing History from Google Chrome on Windows 10

Clear 2Bbrowsing 2Bhistory 2Bfrom 2BGoogle 2BChrome

No one can deny that Google Chrome is one of the best internet browsers for mobile as well as desktop platforms. It includes tons of useful features such as multiple themes support, change appearance, safety check to keep you safe from data breaches, and more. However, even the best browser may start lagging if you … Read more

10 Google Chrome Tricks and Shortcuts You Should Know

10 Google Chrome Tricks and Shortcuts You Should Know

Google Chrome  –it’s one of the most lightweight, fast, and secure web browsers you can get in the market right now. Google Chrome provides so many useful features, tricks, and shortcuts to utilize your tasks even better. It features dark mode, Chrome extensions, password manager, group tab management, keyboard shortcuts, and more. In this article, … Read more

Top 17 Useful Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Google 2BChrome 2BShortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful in Google Chrome. It can perform operations like closing tabs, refreshing the web page, and even deleting browsing data, etc quickly to save a lot of your time. There are more than hundreds of key combinations to perform browsing or internet-related tasks within a second. Whereas, if you use the … Read more

How to Enable Chrome Dark Mode in Windows 10

Chrome 2BDark 2BMode

Google Chrome is one of the most lightweight and fast internet browsers, which offers a built-in dark mode feature in Windows 10. You can manually enable or disable Chrome dark mode by installing Chrome extensions or turning on system-wide dark mode in Windows 10. Read more: How to View Hidden Passwords in Google Chrome [No Admin … Read more

How To Setup Free VPN Extension in Chrome Browser

How To Setup Free VPN Extension in Chrome Browser

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks. The way VPN works virtually changes the location of the country along with the device’s IP address and lets you access blocked sites in any country. It’s a great solution to protect yourself from cyber-attacks. Using a VPN is the best method to access blocked websites and online services in … Read more