How To Enable WhatsApp Two-Step Verification

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps out there. There are billions of Android & iOS users who use WhatsApp in daily life, For sending or receiving messages, documents, tons of media files, etc. Also, it can be used for voice & video callings including group callings. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss What is WhatsApp two-step verification and how to enable it step by step. So let’s get into it

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What is two-step Verification

When a large number of uses switch to one platform users privacy security becomes the first priority. Here WhatsApp says, “we use End-to-End encryption which means no other person or hacker can hack or modify while sending messages and the message will be delivered safely”. But the problem users still had not any visible settings that can protect their account more securely. So that’s why to provide a user-level security option WhatsApp added two-step verification mode.

Earlier, if somebody has access to your sim card or incoming messages then he can easily access your WhatsApp account through OTP. So yeah, the OTP was considered as a password. So to fix this problem, WhatsApp added one more security layer called Two-Step verification. In two-step verification, users need to enter 6-digit passcode to access their WhatsApp account on their phones. You can enable this option directly from your WhatsApp settings.

How to Enable WhatsApp Two-Step Verification

Follow the give steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone
  2. Goto Settings
  3. Select Account option
  4. Tap on Two-step verification
  5. Tap Enable
  6. Enter 6-digit Pin and re-enter to confirm it
  7. Enter your Email Address then confirm your Email again and click save.

Once you’ve enabled two-step verification on your WhatsApp account, remember this 6-digit code. You’ll be asked to enter this passcode every time when you log in to WhatsApp from another device or when you clear your app data.

#Tipforyou: Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Option

WhatsApp fingerprint verification

With the new WhatsApp update, you can add your fingerprint verification to open WhatsApp. To do so, open WhatsApp > Goto Settings > Account > Privacy > Tap on Fingerprint Lock > Toggle to enable > Confirm your fingerprint. That’s all you’ve to do.

More Tips

You can follow the same method to enable WhatsApp two-step verification and fingerprint verification in iOS devices as well. In case if you forget your 6-digit passcode you can reset it using the given email address.

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