8 Best Free Image Optimization Tools For Websites

A non-optimization or compressed image can take up memory space of more than 10 Megabytes which is not optimal to upload to any online platform. Also, if the size of an image is too large, it can significantly reduce your website speed and bandwidth, thus the user experience. In fact, as a blogger, compressing the image is a crucial step before uploading them to your website. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to compress your image files for blogging right into your web browser using these 8 best free image optimization tools.

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Best Image Optimizations Tools For Websites

Here we’ve provided the 8 best online websites that will efficiently compress images for your online works.

1. Compressjpeg

Website: https://compressjpeg.com/

Compressjpeg website

Compressjpeg is an online image compressor website. It has a very simple drag & drop UI that allows you to upload and compress your images pretty quickly. Along with that, it supports multiple image formats, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG. Moreover, you can upload multiple image files at the same time and perform compression then download them into .zip archive file.

Compressjpeg performs really well image compression and significantly reduces image sizes by 50-80% without much destrorting the quality.

2. Compressnow

Website: https://compressnow.com/

Compressnow: Image Optimization Tools

Compressnow is another most popular image optimization tool for image compression. It features drag & drop your image, then adjust compression level at the top, and download the compressed image. You can control compression level using slider between 0 to 99, the higher compression level means more lossy image output you get. Compressnow supports PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF, etc. You can select up to 10 images from your desktop computer or smartphone device. Or, simply drag & drop image one by one. The size for each images can be up to 9MB.

Compressnow claims that it deletes all the uploaded images on its server within 30 minutes.

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3. Imagecompressor

Website: https://imagecompressor.com/


Imagecompressor is very similar image compression website to the compressjpeg tool. More or less, it uses the same image compression technique, almost same layout, drag & drop feature, and group image selection. You can basically upload your images and perform optimal image compression. It lets you select up to 20 images at once and compress them all together. Overall, it’s an excellent option for any blogger to compress images for their website

4. Compressor.io

Website: https://compressor.io/


Compressor.io have some of the most advanced image compression tools out there. It has the ability to reduce the image size by 90%.

Compressor.io features mainly three types of image compression technique: Lossy, Lossless, and custom. In lossy image compression method, you get more image compression ratio which means very low image size output, but image will also loose its original quality. However, it doesn’t happen with lossless method. In lossless image compression, you will not loose image quality but less compression perform thus greater image size than lossy.

To perform image compression on compression.io, you first have to select compression type(i.e. lossy or lossless, custom) then upload the image on which you’ll perform compression and download your compressed image at the end. With custom image compression, you can have more control over image compression and quality, height, and width, etc.

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Website: https://www.iloveimg.com/compress-image

ILoveimg Image Optimizer Tools

ILoveimg is by far the best user-friendly UI website. It offers single click drag & drop option to upload images and download after compression. The ratio between compression and image quality is also very optimal for any website to upload. It has the support for PNG, JPEG, SVG, GIF and other digital formats.

Moreover, you can select & upload multiple images at the same time and download them into a compressed .zip file. I also allows you to select images from cloud sources Google Drive or Dropbox and let you compress right into the website.

6. ImageRecycle

Website: https://www.imagerecycle.com/

ImageRecycle Image Compressor

Imagerecycle is certainly not the most popular image compresser, but offers some great tools that other don’t. For example, you can import and compress an image through URL from another websites. It has an full optimizer feature along with other basic tools. There you can upload your images in bulk and let the optimizer do its job. The maximum file size allowed to upload each images is 30MB.

Imagerecycle includes pro tools such as URL optimizer and Page optimizer. Both have 15 days free trial.

7. Kraken.io

Website: https://kraken.io/web-interface


Kraken is quite similar to ImageRecycle with a little bit difference in UI. It has different modes of image compression lossy and lossless. You can upload your image, select compression mode, and perform optimizations. Kraken can also pull images from different cloud sources including Google Drive and Dropbox.

Moreover, you can upload a group of 20 maximum images with each size of the image 32MB. Kraken also offer pro image resizing feature which essentially allows you to manually resize your image height and width.

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8. Websiteplanet

Website: https://www.websiteplanet.com/webtools/imagecompressor/

Websiteplanet Image Optimizer tools

Website Planet provide great free image optimization tools for image compression. It’s simple and easy to use web tool with drag & drop feature to select images and compress them quickly. In addition, it has three different compression modes: Low, Medium and High. With low compression, images will be less lossy and more lossy with higher compression.

It has the ability to compress images up to 80% without any loss in image quality. On top of that, you can upload multiple image files and download them in a .zip fil after compressing them automatically. Overall, it’s a great choice for image compression.

Conclusion on Best Free Image Optimization Tools For Websites

You can use these image compressor tools to reduce the size your professional images before uploading them into your social media platform or website. I hope you like this article.

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