Global Free School App Review: The best free education app?

Due to Covid-19, many students’ education has been directly or indirectly affected very badly. When the schools/universities were closed and students can not prepare their courses to pass the exam. However, education is the most important thing that must continue even during Covid-19. To solve this problem, many have brought their solution to shifting toward online courses.

The idea behind this solution is pretty simple & effective. Global Free School is a similar online learning platform available on the play store. It offers multiple courses in the form of videos on pretty much every subject for free of cost. Unfortunately, the app is not available for iOS users right now, however, developers have promised to launch it on iOS platforms soon. Here we will take a better look at this app and review all the courses. Note that these reviews are 100% genuine and it’s not paid by anyone.

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Global Free School App: Review

Global Free School is a very excellent education application for mobile devices, that helps millions of school students (from 6th class to 12th) to prepare their courses through online video courses. The courses include Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Commerce, etc, or according to your grade. These courses cover all the topics that you’re going to study. All courses you study are available in the English language only.

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Complete Guide: How to Setup GlobalFreeSchool?

You can download & install the GlobalFreeSchool app directly from the PlayStore. Once installed, open this app and register a new account. That’s it. Here you get all free video courses from 5th to 12th school grade.

is it free?

Off course! all courses you’re going to study with the GlobalFreeSchool app are completely free. This app doesn’t take any charges for these courses for now & I hope this will be maintained in the future. However, you first need to enroll in the course.


Q.1 Is this app available Offline?

Ans: Global Free School App available is not available offline. You need a proper internet connection to watch the videos.

Q.2 is this app available for iPhones?

Ans: Nope! currently, Global Free School app is not available for iPhone devices. I hope the publisher will release the AppStore version soon.

Q.3 What are the languages supported by this app?

Ans: You’re offered to watch free video courses on Global Free School in English international language only.

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