How to enable Chrome Dark Mode on Android and PC

Dark mode is a must-use feature available for various platforms including Google Chrome. It helps you in many ways in daily life by reducing eye strain due to less blue light contact with the eyes, and more battery backup for OLED display smartphones. Along with that, it looks more cool than the usual theme. Chrome dark mode was launched a few months ago but still, people don’t know how to turn it on. So worry not, I’m here as your instructor and here I’ll show you how to enable Chrome dark mode on Android and PC

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How to Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode?

There are various methods to change your Chrome browser theme but today we’ll know the easiest method

—–For Android Devices——

Google Chrome browser now officially supports the dark theme and it can be enabled from the Chrome settings directly. There are two ways to enable Chrome’s dark mode for Android devices

#1Method: Enable Dark Mode directly from Chrome’s Settings

Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your smartphone (duh!)

Step 2: Go to Settings by taping three vertical dots from the top right corner

how to enable chrome dark theme

Step 3: Choose Themes option from Basic setting

enable dark mode

Step 4: Choose Dark mode

chrome dark theme

#2Method: Using Chrome flags

Chrome flags is a way to access Chrome developer settings & also we can use this to enable dark theme unofficially

  1. Open Google Chrome, and type “Chrome://flags” in place of the URL bar then hit enter. You will be redirected to Chrome flags settings
  2. Search for “Dark Mode” from the search menu
  3. Choose “Enabled” by dropping-down the menu from the first option.

—–For Windows—–

Likewise the previous method, Windows 10 has also two main methods to enable dark themes in Chrome. The first method is known as a universal dark mode which can be enabled from Windows 10 settings directly and another method uses a plugin to enable a dark theme.

#1Method: From Windows Settings

  • Open Windows Settings
  • Go for “Personalization
  • Click “Colors
  • Choose your color as “Dark” in order to enable to dark mode in Chrome.

Since the first method also enables the dark theme in Windows 10 interface, you may not like it.

#2Method: Using Extension

Follow the given instruction:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your desktop

Step 2: Go to “Settings” from the top right corner


Step 3: Choose “Themes” from settings. Here you will be redirected to another page Google Web Store.

Chrome Dark Mode

Step 4: Choose the “Just Black” theme and click Add to Chrome. That’s it.

Chrome Dark Mode

This plugin will automatically enable the dark theme on your Chrome browser.

There are tons of hidden settings are present in the Google Chrome browser if you comment down we’ll make another article on the best Google Chrome tips & tricks. Also, comment down if you have any questions related to this article.

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