5 Google Chrome Security Features You Should know

Google Chrome is one of the very popular internet browsers for multi-platform devices of all time. Maybe Security is one of the possible reasons. There are a bunch of security features you get with Google Chrome that you do not get with any other internet browser. So let’s discuss all of them briefly.

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1. Safe Browsing

Chrome browser scans every website as you visit and shows a security warning to the user if the website is containing harmful malicious code or web scripting virus or similar content that eventually can be very dangerous for your device. The same thing happens when you download a malicious or virus containing file on your device. The safe browsing option is turned on by default, however, you can check your Chrome settings to make sure. Open Chrome settings and go to “Sync and Google services” option then toggle “Safe Browsing” option to turn on this feature.

2. Password Protection

Your Chrome browser is capable of remembering IDs & passwords and keeping them securely. It helps to sign-in to your account very quickly without forgetting the password. Google Chrome also provides a password checkup tool that alerts if your saved password has been breached out or exposed on the internet. So, now you can change your password as soon as possible to secure your account from hackers. You can use this security feature from Chrome settings > Passwords > Check Password.

For mobile users, open Chrome > Settings > Sync and Google Services > Enable “Warn you if passwords are exposed in a data breach” option.

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3. Support Encryption

In the latest update, Chrome has added this new security features which is data encryption. Chrome encrypts your data including passwords so that no hacker can access them. Along with that, it allows users to change the encryption method either you can encrypt data with your own passphrase or with Google credentials. Just open Chrome browser on your device and choose Sync and Google services then go to manage sync option and choose your encryption method.

4. Sync Your Data with Google Chrome

Chrome let us sync the browser data including search queries, history, extensions, and passwords, etc across the multiple devices. When you turn on the chrome sync feature, you’ll be automatically signed in to YouTube, Google search, and access all your saved bookmarks, id & passwords into a new device. This way one can protect his/her data if the device is lost.

5. “Do Not Track” Feature

Google Chrome has introduced a new security feature called “Do Not Track”. Which blocks sites from collecting data that helps to serve you better interest-based ads. This feature also prevents websites from tracking the amount of time spends by a user on a website page. It’s turned off by default. Go to Chrome Settings > Privacy > ‘Do Not Track’ > Toggle to turn on this feature.

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Bottom Line

These 5 inbuilt Google Chrome security features help you from a hacker, viruses, leaking your important data, and other types of cyber attacks. I hope it was helpful to you. Follow us on social media platforms for more security tips and tricks.

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