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15+ Useful Google Chrome Tips and Tricks For PC

Google Chrome tips & tricks

Google Chrome is a very popular internet browser which contains so many cool tricks that can help you in daily internet browsing. We have explored all the settings, I found some of the amazing Chrome tricks for you. Let’s dig into it

Google Chrome Tips & Tricks

1. Restore Accidentally Closed Tabs in Chrome

It happens many times we close the working tab while using the Chrome browser. You might think there’s no way I can get that back. Wrong! Press Ctrl+Shift+T key simultaneously to get the closed tab. Likewise, you can get all the previously closed tab.

2. Use Chrome As a Notepad

Many people suggest you installing Google Chrome extension to get notepad feature. But rather than using an extension, you can use your Chrome browser as a notepad. Just copy the given code into URL bar and hit enter.

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

You can use this notepad for quick notes and also you can save it as Html format.

Google Chrome Notepad Tricks For PC

3. Run JavaScript Programs in Chrome Browser

JavaScript(JS) is a very popular programming language used to set the behavior and add special effects on a web-page.

Usually, we need to install an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to run the JS programs. But if you’ve Chrome browser installed, you can run any JS program. To run a JS program, visit the Google homepage then press Ctrl+Shift+I from the keyboard and then goto the Console tab. Now here, we can write JavaScript code and hit enter to run it.

Google Chrome JS Tricks for PC

4. Chrome trick to View Hidden Passwords

Most desktop users save all the login ID & passwords in the Chrome browser which is not safe. Any hacker (including noob hacker????) can easily crack those passwords without administrator password. Off course! I’m not going tell you the hacking method. But one can easily view your saved login ID & passwords if he/she knows the administrator password. To do it, Open Chrome > Settings > Passwords > Click to show password > Enter Administrator Password.

5. Open Chrome in-built Task Manager

As I mentioned earlier, Chrome is a very powerful browser. You probably know the task manager in Windows —here are 5 Ways to Open Task Manager in Windows 10 you may like it.

Chrome also has its own task manager. In your Chrome browser, press Shift+Esc to open the Chrome task manager. From here, one can see all the processes & extensions running in your browser and also kill the selected task.

Google Chrome Task Manager tricks

6. Access Address (URL) Bar Directly

Press Ctrl+L from the keyboard to directly access the URL address bar in your Chrome browser instead of moving the mouse cursor over it. It is the fastest way to access the URL bar. This Chrome browser trick works in almost every desktop browser.  

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7. Directly Translate the word or phrase from the web-page

Google translate extension is an excellent Google Chrome extension which is used to translate one language into another language. In Chrome browser, you can translate a page or selected paragraph directly from the current page. To use this, you first need to install Google translate extension in your Chrome browser then visit any pages or article and select the paragraph then right-click on selected paragraph and select translate. Also, one can translate the whole written article after clicking on the translate extension from the right-top corner.

8. Search Directly from Current page

Sometimes, we are reading something like a blog or article and we don’t understand a point or topic. Select that word then right-click on it and hit search. Now you can take a brief description of your topic directly from Google.

Google search tricks

9.  Open Download Tab Instantly

There are two main ways to open download tab in Chrome but I prefer using Ctrl+J key as fastest way to access it. However, you can also access from three vertical dots from right-top.

10. Change the Search Engine

There are mainly two types of people in the world, one who prefer Google search engine and another who prefer other search engines. By default Chrome enables Google search engine. one can change to your preferred search engine from Chrome > Settings > Privacy and Security > Search engine used in the address bar > Change it to your preferred one.

Google Chrome tricks

15+ Useful Google Chrome Tips and Tricks For PC: Continued

11. Customize Background of Chrome Browser

You can customize the default Chrome tab only. To customize the background of the tab, click customize from the bottom right corner, here you can upload your own image background, customize the shortcuts, and choose other default backgrounds.

Google Chrome tricks 1

12. Change the Font Size in Chrome

Sometimes the size of a font of Google Chrome browser seems too big or too small on your PC. If it’s in your case, you can easily change the font size. To do that, Goto Chrome > Settings > Appearance > Font > Change to that fits on your monitor. Moreover, you can use Custom Font Changer Extension to set the custom font on your browser.

Chrome tricks to change font on PC

13. Open links into another tab

Sometimes we have to visit several links from a single web page. In this case, move your mouse cursor onto a link and click right then select open in new tab. This way you can open multiple links into new tabs without navigating the links back & forth from the same page. Alternatively, If your mouse has a DPI button you can use that to open links into new tabs.

Chrome trick

Note: Every mouse does not have a middle button.

14. Clear Browsing Data in Chrome

You should always clear your Chrome browser history & data periodically. Since, it clears all the unwanted unused memories such as cache memory, cookies, etc, and makes sure that your Chrome browser is running at optimal speed. To clear all the browser data & history, open Chrome Settings then goto Privacy & Security and click Clear browsing data > Goto Advanced Tab. Here you can choose your option and then click on clear data. That’s it.

Clear Data in Chrome Browser

15. Use incognito mode

You must use incognito mode to visit private websites. Incognito mode doesn’t allow your browser to store the browsing history and track the cookies. To use incognito mode, Open Chrome on your desktop and click on three vertical dots from the top-right corner and then select incognito mode. Alternatively, press Ctrl+Shift+N from your laptop’ keyboard to open incognito mode directly.

16. Install Extensions to access more Google Chrome tricks

There’re tons of useful extensions available for Chrome browser. To view all the installed extensions, click on three verticle dots from the top-right corner then click more tools and select extensions. To install an extension on your browser, open the link of extensions and click on add to Chrome. It’ll take a few seconds to download & install. Alternately, simply open “Chrome web store” and search your extension from here.

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17. Views Media Files in Chrome Browser (CTRL+O)

Google Chrome is an internet browser only. Wrong! you can use this browser to play media files as well such as audio, video, etc. To play a media, press Ctrl+O on any tab and select your file. Alternatively, you can drag & drop files into Chrome.

18. View-source codes

You can view the source code of any website by placing view-source: keyword before the website URL. For example, To view the source code of “https://techsettle.com” simply do this “view-source:https://techsettle.com”. Alternately, press Ctrl+U on the current website tab to see the source code of the URL.

19. Try Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome developer tools is really useful for most developers. You can use this tool to inspect elements or Html tags of the page. Also, you can check the performance & lighthouse test of a web page.

20. Enable Chrome Dark Mode

Smartphones have official Chrome dark mode support but for desktops, we have to enable it manually. To enable dark mode in the Chrome browser, either we can install a dark mode extension or enable system-wide dark mode. Read the full article here —How to enable Chrome Dark Mode on Android and PC.

Bottom Line: Google Chrome tricks

That’s not enough. There are more Google Chrome tips & tricks we’ll update them later. Keep reading & subscribe to us. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and followers.




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