21 Amazing Google Search Tricks You Should Know

Google is one of the most powerful and widely used search engines on the planet. The majority of users use Google as their primary search engine, but only a few know what it is capable of. It contains some amazing tips and tricks that you can use when searching queries to get more specific results. Google also provides a number of tools that can be accessed directly from your browser. You can gain access to these tools and perform tricks by including certain keywords in your search queries. That being said, let’s start this post with the title ’21 Amazing Google Search Tricks You Should Know.’

21 Google Search Tricks are as follows:

1. Filter Google Search Results by Date and Time

Get Google Search Results by Date and Time

Google allows you search pages via time date. You can use this trick to search the latest or old articles on the web. To do so, search your query on Google then, click on Tools from from the left side (under search box). Now you can click on Any time option and filter your search results by specific time and date.

2. Use quotes (” “)

Best Google Search Tricks

This Google search trick allows you to search exact phrases or titles in your search queries. To do that, simply type and search your queries within a quotation mark to accomplish this. For example, putting a quotation mark in “best Android apps” will show those web pages that contains this exact keyword.

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3. Using Asterisk (*)

In the Google search engine, an asterisk (*) acts as a placeholder. It is extremely helpful in locating missing or unknown words in a phrase. For instance, if you type the phrase the sun rises *, Google will autocomplete the phrase with in the east. You can also try different phrases such as song titles, book titles, and so on.

4. Flip a coin

Toss A coin: Google Search

‘Flip a coin’ is another useful keyword for tossing a virtual coin within the Google search page. Simply type “Flip a coin” without the quotation marks, then search for it, and it will perform the task for you.

5. Check Time Of Any Region

Check Time of Another region: Best Google search tricks

You can also use Google to find the time in any location. For example, to find the current time in India, type “Time in India” (without quotation marks) in Google and search for it. You can view the time of any other country by replacing India with the name of your country.

6. Tilt the Google search using “Askew” keyword

Tilt Google: Best Google search tricks

Using this Google search trick you can tilt the whole web page like it has shown in the image. To to so, simply type “Askew” in Google and search for it.

7. Use Google Reverse image search

Google Reverse search tricks

You can use Google reverse search engine to search for similar images available on Google. Here’s how to do that:

  • Open Google Images webpage
  • Click on the camera logo
  • Click on upload an image
  • Now choose and select the files
  • Search for it.

8. Search articles From a specific website

Google hacks

This is one of the best Google search tricks ever. Use this trick to search articles or blog posts from a single website. For instance, if you want to search articles from our website only, search “site:androidguest.com”. You can also search for a specific article using its name along with the “site:yoursite.com” keyword.

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9. Use the Define: keyword

Use the define Keyword : Google Tricks

You can use Define: keyword to search the definition of anything. For example, you can search define: energy in Google search to read about energy.

10. Using Related: Keyword in Google search

Google search tricks

The “Related:” is a useful Google search keyword that is used for searching related things like websites, articles, etc. For example, “Related:Amazon.com” will bring the related website to amazon except for amazon.com itself.

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11. Use Google search as a calculator

Calculator tricks

Sometimes our smartphone doesn’t have the calculator app, Google provides a scientific calculator within Google search. To use a calculator, search “Calculator” or “Scientific Calculator” without quotes. Now you can see a calculator on the top of the page.

12. Search anything nearby you from Google search

Google is a very smart and intelligent search engine among all. He knows everything that what we want to search exactly. There are some useful Google search tricks or commands you can use to save your time from asking a person. Just type these commands & search it on Google or you can directly ask these from Google assistant

  • What am I?: It will tell you the exact location where you’re.
  • Hotels nearby me: To find hotels nearby you
  • Petrol pump near me: To search for a petrol pump at your location
  • AMT near me
  • Bank nearby me
  • College/University near me
  • Shop nearby me

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13. Search specific file format using filetype: keyword

21+ Best Tricks With Google Search That Everyone Should Know

This is one of my favorite Google search tricks. In case, if you’re searching a file on Google search then using the filetype: keyword will save a lot of time. For example: If I search Python filetype:PDF, It will show you only the Python-related results containing PDF file. Try it yourself.

14. Perform quick mathematical operations with Google search

Maths Operations

There’re various operations you can do without calculating much and without wasting your time. For example

  • Changing Fahrenheit to Celcius or Celcius to Fahrenheit. for example 30 degree to Fahrenheit
  • Converting currency like the dollar to euro or rupees to dollar i.e. 100 dollars in rupees.
  • Finding the Area of Triangle, Circle, square, etc i.e. area of the square.
  • Can calculate percentage very quickly i.e. 51% of 4500.

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15. Use Google search to set Timer

Google Timer tricks

If you don’t want to use the clock to set the timer or somehow your smartphone doesn’t have a clock app, you can use Google to set the timer for you. Search set timer, choose the time and ready to go. You can Google assistant to set the timer quickly.

16. Use Google as a Stopwatch

Stopwatch tricks

You can use Google search as a stopwatch too. Search “stopwatch” without quotes on Google and click start to start the stopwatch⏱. Use Google assistant to set stopwatch real quick.

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17. Use a minus sign to hide the pages containing that word

google search tricks

 We can use the minus ( – ) sign to exclude that word from the Google search page. It confirms that word before the minus sign will not be shown on the search page. For example, “Best cool tricks -internet” (without quotes) will show all the tricks related posts but the Internet word will be excluded.

18. Do a barrel roll 

Google search tricks

  This is a really cool trick with Google search. You can roll the Google page by using the “Do a barrel roll” keyword. Simply search it on Google it will do a barrel roll for you. You can also try “Do a barrel roll 10 times” that will roll the Google page 10 times.  

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19. Google Gravity

Google Gravity
Google search tricks

Google gravity is also a really fun Google trick you can perform. Type Google Gravity on the main Google search and click on I’m feeling lucky. Try it and see what happens next.

20. Play Atari Breakout with Google search

Google atari breakout

Atari breakout was a really popular game for keyboard phones. You can still play this game without downloading it from the Google play. Search Atari Breakout game on the Google search and click on the first link, from here you can play Atari Breakout game.

21. Compare two things using “VS”

Google search hacks in 2020

 You can use the “VS” keyword to compare things like food, processors, companies, etc. For example, Apple “vs” Google will compare both companies.


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