Top 15 hidden Google Tricks of all time

Google search is one of the most popular ways to find information on the internet. With so much information available and so many resources, it can be hard to know where to start when researching a topic. That’s why I’m going to tell you about 15 of my favorite hidden Google tricks and tips (that normal users don’t know) that will improve your ability to find the answers you need when looking for things online.

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Top 15 Google Search Tricks

Google isn’t as simple as it looks. There are so many hidden Google tricks that a lot of internet users still don’t know about. Today, we’ll go through the top 15 Google hidden tricks of all time that you should know.

1. Use quotes to search specific keyword in search engine

Top 15 hidden Google Tricks of all time

The old yet powerful Google trick. Try using quotes while searching for something on Google, it will do things faster for you without putting in extra effort. For example, searching “techsettle” on google inside quotes will show you only those results who are containing the exact phrase.

Along with that, it can also be used to search long sentences such as “A dog and a cat”, which will show all those results containing these sentences.

2. Don’t have a coin? Use Google to Flip a Coin

 Use Google to Flip a Coin

This google trick is a little fun but useful at the same time. It can be used while tossing a game without having a coin. All you need is type “flip a coin” in google and hit enter, Google will toss the coin for you. The toss is totally random just like in the coin.

3. Find the time of another region

 Find the time of another region

Google always tries to make things easier by adding an extra feature to the search engine, it’s one of them. This trick might be useful to find the time of another region quickly. To do that, just type “Time in + country name” then hit enter, that’ll show the time of that particular country.

For example, in my case, I want to find out the time in the USA so I’ll just type “Time in USA” on google without quotes and simply search for it.

4. Try the new Google Calculator

Google Calculator

Google is smart, that knows what its user wants to do. Google has embedded a whole calculator which can be accessed directly through the search engine. Type “google calculator” or only “calculator” in the search menu and press enter to access the google calculator. This calculator can be accessed on a smartphone or desktop both devices.

Along with that, Google can solve several maths operations for you faster than a calculator without using it. All you need is the type your question in google and search for it. Here are a few examples:

  • 50 percent of 73
  • Sum of all natural numbers from 1 to 100
  • 78*50

Google will show you all answers correctly in less than a second.

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5. Compare two terms in search engine

Top 15 hidden Google Tricks of all time

You can easily compare and identify the difference between the two terms in google. You just need to add the “vs” keyword between those terms. For instance, you can compare two terms: intra & inter, by adding the “vs” keyword in between them, i.e. intra “vs” inter.

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6. Use Google to Roll a Dice

6. Use Google to Roll a Dice

Alright! Google can roll a dice for you as well. It can be used while playing ludo games if you don’t have dice. Type “roll a dice” in google and hit enter, it’ll roll a dice for you. Google also provides different types of dice including the roll of dice of 4, 6, 8, 12, 20, etc.

Additionally, click on the down arrow to check out other sections. There you can so many games and tools to play them into the google search result page directly. Some of them are Snake game, Pac-Man, Animal sounds, Atari breakout, Colour picker, etc.

7. Play Games in Google

7. Play Games in Google

You can play many games on the Google page. Just search for Google games and choose to play. —Click here to play the snake game in Google.

8. Search nearby

You can search for gas stations, hotels, cinemas, and other places. To do that, use the keyword “[place name] + near me“. Look at these couple of examples

  • Restaurant near me
  • Gas station near me
  • River near me
  • Stores open near me right now, etc.

You can view the location on the map as well as get the direction of the places.

9. Use Reverse Search

9. Use Reverse Search

Using the reverse search, you can search for similar images from google. Type image search on google and click & open the first link from the result page. Then click on the camera icon then upload the image to search for more similar images.

10. Tilt/Askew Google Page

hidden Google Tricks

The following google trick will tilt the google page. Type Tilt or Askew in google then press enter and see the magic. 

11. Speed Test your Internet

Speed Test your Internet

Type speed test and click on the search icon. Once the page is loaded, click on RUN SPEED TEST which will show your current internet speed.

12. Recursion Google Trick

Recursion Google Trick

When type recursion and search in the internet browser, it will always show you did you mean: recursion.

13. Google Underwater

hidden Google Tricks

Google underwater is one of the cool google tricks you can do right now. Type google underwater then click on I’m Feeling Lucky, which redirects to another page where the Google logo will be floating under the water.

14. Know your IP Address

Know your IP Address

You can check your device’s IP address through a google search. Type What’s my IP and search for it.

15. Do a Barrel Roll

Do a Barrel Roll

To make a roll of the google page, type Do a barrel roll and hit search.

Final thoughts: Top 15 hidden Google Tricks

There are some fantastic stuff out there that users can make a lot of use of, and they probably don’t know enough about these cool Google hacks. I hope these tips help you get more out of your experience with the search engine. Even if you already knew one or more of these tricks, feel free to share this post with friends and colleagues who might benefit from these Google hacks.

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