How to backup & restore apps on Android phone

Having a Backup is a good thing, in case, if the data is erased, corrupted, or deleted mistakenly then you will be able to restore the data easily with a backup. Since there’s no such default app in stock Android that you can use to backup and restore apps so we have to look for another solution. Yes! you guessed right. Using an external Android app, we can easily take a backup of the installed app into a storage device such as a memory card or internal storage, etc. Along with that, you can try these 11 tips to boost your Android smartphone speed that may be helpful for you.

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How to Backup Android apps?

There are numerous apps available on the play store for backup & restore Android apps but I found this app —Backup & restore by Trustlook is one of the best in it. Now, Let’s try it with a tutorial:

1. The first thing I want you to install this Backup & restore app from the play store.

Backup & restore app

2. Once installed, open this app and allow you to access your photos, media, and files on your device. Now, All applications installed on your device including system apps will be visible on the dashboard. Here’re two choices you have, either backup the only app you select from the dashboard or backup all the apps by selecting the above box on the right top corner. Once selected, hit backup.

Backup apps

There’s also an option to backup apps directly into your Google drive. You can use this app for multipurpose, such as sending & receive apps and scan viruses for free.

How to restore apps?

Once the backup is completed, you will be able to see those files from your file manager in a folder name ‘App Backup Restore’. I would recommend you please put that folder somewhere on the external storage if you are going to perform a factory restore on your Android smartphone. So that whenever everything is erased, cut that folder to your phone and restore it.

However, open that app again to restore the apps. Go to the Archived section and hit restore. It may take a while to restore all the apps.


As I mentioned above, there are many apps available that do the same job and you can go with any of them. If you want to how to backup files such as photos, videos, songs, etc, I can tell you two main ways to do this, back up those files to another storage device such as a pen drive, SD card, on your computer, etc Or backup to any cloud storage. In my opinion, Google Drive is the best cloud storage capable of backup all types of files.

I hope now you know how to backup Android apps and restore them anytime. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, let me know in the comment box. Along with that, here are the 10 ways that significantly can improve your Android’s battery you may like.

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