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MIUI 12: How to Disable Ads in MIUI 12 From Xiaomi Phones

MIUI has started showing off so many ads in its UI. You can see these ads all around its UI. Generally, these ads come through push notifications and display in full-screen ads, and many MIUI system apps also support ads. MIUI says, in order to generate more revenue to provide cheaper products we provide ads in our UI. However, today we’ll show you how you can turn off all those irritating ads from MIUI 12 skin. So, let’s start it.

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Here’s how to turn off ads in MIUI 12

Turn off all these options from your MIUI-based Xiaomi smartphone to turn off ads completely.

1. Disable All System Ads At Once

disable system wide ads

It is a very useful option you get in MIUI 12. Go to smartphone settings and type system ads in search bar then select the first option and disable the “Ads in system apps” option. This option turns off all the ads coming through system apps including music apps, video players, etc.

2. Turn Off Personalized Ads

Turn Off Personalized Ads

Go to smartphone Settings > Password & security > Privacy > Ad Services > Turn off “Personalized ad recommendations“. This will stop collecting users data to show the ad. However, the ads still be visible.

3. Disable MSA

Disable MSA

MSA stands for MIUI system ads which takes the responsibility to showing ads in your System. Turn off this option from Settings > Password & Security > Authorization & Revocation > Toggle “MSA” to turn off and revoke authorization. I agree some old Xiaomi smartphones are failed to disable this option.

4. Disable Ads From Each System Apps

If your system is running on MIUI 11, you’ll not have the option to disable system-wide ads. However, you can disable those pesky ads by going through each apps’ settings. Read this tutorial How to Turn Off MIUI Ads from Xiaomi Smartphones for more details.


Xiaomi recently announced that there will be a new OTA update to all Indian users that will give a one-click option to disable ads from the MIUI system. Also, this update will remove the clean master definition from the security app. Clean master is a Chinese app that is banned by the Indian government.

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