How to Identify Unknown Songs From WhatsApp Status or Stories

Sometimes, you hear a catchy song (most probably you like that song) from your friend’s WhatsApp status or a Facebook/Instagram story. Or perhaps you listen anywhere else. In any case, It’s really frustrating when you forget the song name or can not remember the song name at that particular moment. Well, that’s what on our today’s article is based on. Today, I will show you several ways that you can use to identify unknown songs.

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1. Use Google Assistant to Identify Songs

Personally, I don’t use Google Assistant that much but you can use it to identify a song title that you don’t know. Google Assistant can help you to identify a song title by using your smartphone’s microphone and matching the song pattern with its algorithm.

Here’s how it works

Just quickly bring up your Google Assistant by pressing the home button for 3-4 seconds or use the Google Assistant button (if your device support this) and ask “WHAT SONG IS THIS?” or “WHICH SONG IS BEING PLAYED?”

The Google Assistant takes a couple of seconds to recognize and shows you the song title directly on your phone. And also, show you the availability of the song on various platforms like YouTube, Spotify/Wynk, and other music platforms.

If you have a Google Pixel device, you can directly toggle this option to your device home screen. To do so, open Pixel’s Settings > Display > Lock Screen Display > Now playing > Show songs on lock screen > Toggle On.

Once done, you’ll see the title of the song that is being played on the lower end of the lock screen and a notification pops up if the device is unlocked.

2. Shazam

Shazam app is a great app that is especially dedicated to identifying the unknown songs that are being played on your friend’s WhatsApp status, Radio, TV, or from any other service. You can use the Shazam app for streaming a song as well.

Here’s how to use Shazam?

  • Download & install the Shazam app on your smartphone
  • Open and tap on the Shazam logo and sing lyrics or part of lyrics of the song
  • Or type lyrics from the search icon then click search from the keyboard
  • Here, you will see all songs that contain the part of the lyrics you have searched
  • Then choose your song and play it.

With detailed:

First, go to the play store or app store and search for the Shazam app and then install it from there. After installing, open the Shazam app. The first thing you’ll notice a big Shazam button that you can use to identify a song by singing the lyrics or part of lyrics through the mic. OR search icon below the Shazam logo where you can just type the lyrics of the song or type the song’ keywords that you had listened to. After that, the Shazam app shows a list of song names where you can listen to all of them one by one and pick your preferred song.

Some Other Features Of Shazam:

Swiping right, you get into the charts section where you can listen to your favorite songs and those songs are based on searches. And swiping left takes us to the library where you can manage your Shazam account, previously searched songs, and a bunch of other things.

Stream your Song on Shazam:

The most exquisite features of Shazam are found in the settings as I mentioned above, in the first column option to choose the streaming service that directly connects with apple music/ Spotify, whereas in general settings you have the option to change the theme, fortunately, dark theme is present there.

Video Preview Feature on Shazam:

Secondly, there is a video preview of the song that can be opted, truly awestruck feature is the Pop-up Shazam that is displayed on other third-party apps, on pressing the Shazam button while playing a WhatsApp status or Instagram/ Facebook stories, it shows the title of the song in less than 7 seconds as per my testing.

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