How to Move Your WhatsApp Group Chats to Signal App

Facebook-owned company WhatsApp announced the new privacy policy on 4th January 2021 and if any user doesn’t accept the new policy till 8 Feb 2021, will not able to use the service, as per WhatsApp.

Since the new WhatsApp policy collecting so much user data, many users have decided to boycott the app and switch to the new private messenger app called Signal. Singal Messenger keeps your chats secured and private and also collects much fewer data compared to WhatsApp.

However, switching from one platform to another is hectic work that involves moving all your data including groups. But, the Signal app makes it easier for everyone to move their WhatsApp groups to Signal. Through this article, I will explain to you how to move your WhatsApp groups to Signal messenger.

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Here’s how to move WhatsApp Groups to Signal

Step1: First, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed Signal Messenger on your smartphone.
Step2: Open the Signal app and set up your new account. You just need to enter your phone number and OTP to sign in.
Step3: Once set up successfully. Click on three verticle dots from the top right corner.
Step4: Click on New group option.
Step5Choose at least one contact and click on the arrow to proceed further.
Step6: Give a name to your new Signal group and click on Create.
Step7: Once your group is created. Tap on three verticle dots and go to Group settings.
Step8: Click on the Group link and enable this option and now you can share this group link with your WhatsApp friends to join the Signal group.
Step 9 (Optional): You can enable Approve new members options from the group link setting to verify each person in your group.


You can follow the above instructions to move your WhatsApp groups to the Signal app, you will able to move your previous chats to Signal app this way. But, you can easily sacrifice your old chats for your privacy.
Thanks for reading to the bottom. If you like this tutorial don’t forget to share it with your friends and family on WhatsApp groups.

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