4 Easy Ways to Reset Android Passcode or Pattern Lock

Your Android phone has a lot of secrets that you may don’t know. Android is equipped with tons of great features no doubt but at the same time, it has some backdoors or bugs that you can use to break the security of your Android phone. Today in this tutorial, I will show you 4 ways to reset Android passcode or pattern lock within a minute.

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1. Reset your Android from Android settings

Reset Android Passcode or Pattern Lock

This is the official way that normal consumers use this option to reset their Android phones. Usually this setting is founder under Settings > Additional Settings Backup & Reset Factory Reset. You can use this option until you know your current phone’s passcode or pattern lock. If somehow you don’t know or forget your password, you will not able to access this option.

2. Reset your Android from Stock Recovery

Reset Android Passcode or Pattern Lock

Every Android phone has a recovery option which you can access by pressing the Power + Volume Up(+) button for 5-10 seconds. You can use the phone’s volume keys to navigate through the options and power button to select that option (in case if touch is not working). From Recovery, use volume keys to navigate to the reset option and use the power key to select and reset your device. When completed reboot your device from recovery. This way you can reset your Android passcode or pattern lock without remembering the old password.

3. Reset Android Using a Custom Recovery like TWRP

3. Reset Android Using a Custom Recovery like TWRP

If you’re using a custom recovery like TWRP, you must know this trick. Custom recovery like TWRP has some advanced features that stock recovery does not offer us. Such as you can use custom TWRP recovery to install custom ROM, root your device, and other flash-able zip files/modules. This method reset the password without losing the smartphone’s data.

On to the main point, here’s how to reset Android passcode or pattern lock using TWRP or any other recovery:

  • First, reboot your device into TWRP recovery by pressing the power + volume up (+) button for 5-10 seconds.
  • Go to advanced and choose File Manager
  • Navigate to /data/system folder and scroll down to these files and delete all of them
    • password.key
    • pattern.key
    • locksettings.db
    • locksettings.db-shm
    • locksettings.db-wal
  • After deleting these files, reboot your Android from the recovery “System Reboot” option

Now there should not be any passcode or pattern lock on the lock screen. If you still see a password on the lock screen, try a random password combination and the phone will unlock automatically. Now you can change your password from Android’s settings > Security > Screen Lock.

4. Reset Android Passwords Using a Desktop/Laptop

Reset Android Using a Desktop/Laptop

If you have a laptop or desktop PC, it’s a heck a lot easier to flash new software to your device. Flashing a new software will reset the Android password automatically and get your smartphone back to the new one as it was booted the first time.

Since every Android phone has different methods to flash new software, I can’t show you all tutorials in a single article. However, you can search “how to flash software/stock ROM” for your specific model on Google and you will get thousands of tutorials for you. For example, How to flash stock ROM in Samsung Galaxy s9, etc.

Bottom Line

On the internet, thousands of spam software have listed that promise to reset your password within a second by taking a small number of charges, you have to simply avoid those apps.

If you face any problems during this process, let me know in the comment box. Our team will help you for sure.

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