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How to turn on Dark Mode on Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating systems globally leading with an 87.97% market share of all combined operating systems. The reason behind its success is not only because it comes pre-loaded with most of the laptops but also it has so many basic & advanced essential features. And the number of features increasing continuously with every Windows update. Dark mode is one of the best feature you can get in Windows 10 right now. It improves the overall user experience and the look & feel of the UI. In this tutorial, we will illustrate you how to enable dark mode on Windows 10 and do it with all other Windows apps as well. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Enable Dark Mode on Windows 10

As we know, our technology world is moving towards dark mode. You must use this feature, it not only protects your eyes but also looks much cooler than the traditional theme. You can enable universal dark mode directly from Windows 10 settings that will force other Windows apps to switch into dark mode automatically. This setting will affect your Chrome browser, Edge browser, Windows file manager, Settings, Windows Menu, etc. Here’s how to enable it

  • Open Windows Menu and Goto Settings
  • Click on personalization
  • Then click on the colors
  • And choose Dark in the ‘choose your color‘ section. You can choose your own custom color for Windows 10 by scrolling a little down.
Enable Dark Mode on Windows 10

Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t come with Windows 7. Anyway, who the heck is using Windows 7 now.

Enable Dark Mode on Chrome Browser:

Google Chrome is a very powerful browser used by almost every internet user. Chrome enables dark mode by default at the time when you turn on from Windows 10 settings, however, you can enable it manually from the Chrome browser as well. Here’s how

  • Open Chrome browser on your Windows PC
  • Click on three vertical dots from the top right corner
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on themes from the appearance tab
  • Select “Jetblack” theme and click on ‘Add to Chrome

This way, you can enable the dark mode on the Chrome browser. You can revert this option and get to the previous theme from Chrome settings > themes > reset to default.

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Enable Dark Mode on Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge is a default internet browser on Windows 10 operating system. After lates Windows 10 update (20H2), the Microsoft Edge browser has upgraded to the Chromium version. Now it looks more similar to Google Chrome including settings, themes, extensions, etc. Besides that, more like Chrome, you can enable dark mode manually on Microsoft Edge as well. Here’s how

  • Open Microsoft Edge browser
  • Go to settings from the top right corner
  • Select “Default theme” from the appearance tab
  • And choose “Dark” as the default theme.
Enable Dark Mode on Windows Edge Browser

Alternatively, you can use Turn off the lights plugin to get the dark mode on the Edge browser. The same thing you can do with Firefox and other browsers to get this feature.

Use Night Light on Windows 10

If you are not a fan of dark mode, you must use the Night light feature at least. On Windows 10, Night light option enables the yellow lights covering the blue harmful lights on the screen. It protects your eyes from blue lights which certainly may damage your eyes. Here’s how to enable it

  • Click Start and go to Windows 10 Settings
  • Click on System
  • turn on Night light from Display tab. You can set its strength from Night light settings.
Use Night Light on Windows 10

You can schedule the timer to enable Night light at the configured time. Alternatively, you can use CareUEyes Lite blue light filter app on Windows desktop to protect your eyes from blue lights.

Enable Dark Theme for Windows Applications

Some Windows applications such as Notepad do not support the dark mode even if you have enabled it from settings. To get this feature on Windows application, you will need to Turn on high contrast from the settings.

Enable Dark Theme for Windows Applications

Quickly open Windows 10 settings and click on Ease of Access then Turn on high contrast option from the High contrast tab and don’t forget to choose the theme as ‘High contrast black‘.

Note: For some users (including me) high contrast mode look so ugly so I recommend you to enable this if you are a true fan of dark mode.

Bottom Line

To get fully featured dark mode, you will have to apply a custom skin on your Windows OS such as WindowBlinds. It is available with 30-days free trial. After installing, you can choose and apply your own custom style skin including dark skin.

In the future, we’ll introduce you with more articles on Windows OS and dark mode updates. So always stay tuned with us. More importantly, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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