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How To Use SD Card As Internal Storage On Android

If you’re suffering from storage problems or if your smartphone doesn’t have enough memory space then you’re on right place. Here I will demonstrate you how one can use SD card as internal storage on any Android smartphone.

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Adoptable Storage in Android Marshmallow (6.0)

In most Android smartphones, games or applications are installed on internal storage & you can not move them into SD card. So if you have low internal storage space the memory will be full after installing only a few apps. That’s why Android developers added a new option in Android marshmallow 6.0 to embed your SD card into internal storage using the Adoptable Storage option.

How to Use SD Card as Internal storage?

We’re going to use Adoptable Storage option to perform this operation. You can use any variety of storage capacity (2GB, 4GB, 8GB, etc) memory card but I prefer you to use a higher capacity than 4GB. But before going through the tutorial, read the important Notes:

Note1: You must have a fast external SD card. You can check the SD card speed using the A1 SD bench Android app.

Note2: You should have a minimum Android 6.0 or higher.

Note3: Backup all your data. This process will erase your SD card.

———-For Android 6.0 or higher———–

Step 1: Insert the memory card into your smartphone

Step 2: Goto settings of your smartphone and click storage

Step 3: Tap on the SD card and click on three dots, then three vertical dots from the top right corner

Step 4: Tap on Storage Settings

Step 5: Choose format as internal

Step 6: Now you can read the notice and if you agree then click erase & format

Step 7: Click ok

Step 8: To start the migration process, click on Move now

Step 9: Once it finished click done.

———-For rooted Android devices———–

It’s very difficult to migrate the SD card into internal storage for non-supported devices or below Android marshmallow version devices. However, there are some ways to move apps or games into internal storage. We’ll know the best one:  

Step 1: Your Android phone should be rooted in order to perform the option.

Step 2: Download Link2SD app from the play store

Step 3: Open the app and grant the root permission

Step 4: Select any apps and Tap & Hold

Step 5: Tap move to SD card and click ok

That’s it. This is how you can move all the apps into the SD card. We can also move the apps data but it requires the SD card partition but it can damage your SD card.  This app is a little bit advanced than you think. Any wrong step can damage your device and can cause boot loop, system failure, etc so Try it at your own risk.

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Thanks for scrolling down. We’ve discussed how to use SD card as internal storage for both devices (For rooted and non-rooted). In the future’ we’ll discuss more smartphone tips & tricks so Stay with us and subscribe to us.

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