11 Most Useful Tips and Tricks For Windows 10 (2023)

Windows 2B10 2BTips 2Band 2BTricks 2B2021

Windows 10 is a very popular operating system leading over 40 percent of all desktop OS. Along with simplicity, Windows 10 is a great operating system equipped with highly customizable and tons of cool features. This is one reason why most laptop companies use Microsoft Windows operating system. Moreover, there are also various editions of … Read more

How to View Google Chrome’s Saved Passwords Without Admin Password

How to View Hidden Passwords in Google Chrome [No Admin Password Needed]

Google Chrome is a very popular internet browser among 3 billion users. It has an inbuilt password manager that automatically saves your social media and other passwords when you log in to their websites. To access Google Chrome’s password manager on your desktop or mobile, go to Chrome’s Settings then Passwords. The password manager in … Read more

15 Rooting Tips and Tricks For Android Phones [2023]

Rooting tips and tricks for Android smartphones

Rooting enables so many features and functionalities that simply you can not access on your smartphone. It enables many cool features and opens a large scale of modification opportunities on your phone. For instance, uninstall system apps, change IMEI number, hack WiFi passwords, and many more. Apart from these, you can install custom ROM or … Read more

25 Best Telegram tips and tricks you should know (updated)

Telegram Tips & Tricks

Telegram is a solid cross-platform messaging app with unlimited features, tips and tricks. It is also one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. Telegram is often similar to other messaging apps, however, it offers tons of extra features that none of them have. For instance, you can create a group on Telegram of 200,000 people, … Read more

15 Random Android Tips no one tells you

Android Hacks

Android smartphones are more powerful than you think. Using smartphones only for callings, chattings, and entertainment purposes would be a tiny fraction of its overall capabilities. Here are 15 random Android tips you should implement in your life. Related: 11 Free Apps That Actually Can Improve Your Life Manage Documents on your Android Generally, you … Read more

Quick Tutorial: 5 Ways to Open Task Manager in Windows 10


Task Manager is a powerful tool in Windows 10 that shows you some very useful stats, such as background apps & processes, system performance stats, startup apps, services, etc. Windows task manager allows you to manage your tasks, close running apps directly, and more. Moreover, you can check your hardware performance such as RAM usage, … Read more

How to Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive on Windows 10

How to Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive on Windows 10

You can always boot your USB flash drive and make it a portable Windows 10 installer. Using that, you can perform a clean Windows 10 installation. If you don’t know, a clean Windows installation removes all the bugs, viruses, and system errors from your PC. However, it also removes programs, apps, settings, and user accounts. … Read more

40+ YouTube Tricks and Tips Everyone Should Know

Top 18 Best YouTube Tricks and Tips For Internet Geeks

YouTube is one of the largest video content providers on this planet. It contains thousands of millions of videos on numerous topics. You can search & watch videos, subscribe to a channel, like or dislike videos, and share them with your friends, etc. Youtube also lets anyone become a content creator and post their own … Read more

9 Best Google Chrome Extensions That You Should Know

Best Chrome Extensions You Should Know

Google Chrome is one of the lightest web browsers for many platform users. Nowadays, it is used by almost every internet user. Chrome has so many cool features, tips, and tricks that make browsing much easier. However, you can do a lot more than that with the help of some useful Google Chrome extensions. Related: … Read more