8 Best Ways to Improve (Extend) Android Battery Life

A battery has a very important role in smartphones. At normal usage, A smartphone battery can last up to 6-8 hours but what if I tell you some tricks and hacks by following them anyone can instantly improve their Android battery life.

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Here are the 8 ways to improve Android battery life

There are plenty of options on Android, by turning them on or off will increase the battery performance.

Turn off vibration

Turn Off Vibration Feedback to improve Android Battery performance

Have you ever figured it out? when you touch back, home, or menu button or tap on the Android screen, there’s a tiny bit of vibration feedback. That tiny bit of vibration takes a lot of battery power from your Android device.

When vibration feedback is on, it takes extra power to move the extra part of the smartphone and eventually, it takes more battery power as well.

To stop the vibration on Android, go to Phone’s settings >  sound & vibration > vibrate on tap > turn off. One more thing, turn off keyboard vibration as well. Open device Settings > Additional Settings > Language & input > GBoard > Preferences > Turn off sound on key-press and Vibrate on key-press both.

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Turn off auto-brightness

Turn Off Auto Brightness to improve Android Battery performance

Your smartphone display takes 80-90% of all battery usage alone. So you might think, turning on auto-brightness may increase the battery life but here you’re wrong. Auto-brightness uses the ambient light sensor, that continually checks the light of the outside to adjust the display light according to the situation and ultimately that takes more battery power. That’s why it’s better to control brightness manually and keep the brightness level as minimum as you can.

Never let your Android smartphone GPS turned on

Turn Off GPS

GPS (Global Positioning System) continuously tracks our location by many Google apps such as Google App itself. There may be some other apps that take advantage of GPS that you may not familiar with that. However, if the GPS is turned on, whether any apps use it or not, eventually you are draining the battery power.

Go into Smartphone privacy settings > Location > Location access > Turn off. Or in case if you’re required to turn it on, just set it to the Device only from the location access setting to improve the Android battery.

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Stop Background Running Apps

Stop Background Running Apps

Right now, there are many Android apps running into your smartphone background that you may not know. Background running apps also take the resources from the smartphone’s RAM and cause the insufficient RAM problem, therefore, your Android smartphone’s speed slows down and battery power drains much faster.

To overcome this problem, delete all the ‘unused apps’ first then go into apps settings and manually force close running apps. Or you can limit the background running apps.

Note: Some apps are essential to run in the background such as Google play services, WhatsApp, and other system apps.

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Turn off Auto-Rotation

Turn Off Auto Rotation

Turn off auto rotation right now! When you turn on auto-rotation, the Accelerometer (Or Orientation sensor/G-sensor) every millisecond sends the information of the current state of your device and rotates the screen according to state. Since the accelerometer sensor is a part of our device and its turned on, definitely it takes the Android’s battery power and drains the battery faster.

Use auto-rotation whenever you need and turn off as soon as the task completed.

Use Dark Wallpaper or Dark Mode

This is one the best way to improve your Android battery. Dark mode has many benefits, it’s one of them. It’s more beneficial when you have an OLED or AMOLED display smartphone because of their technology. The display turns off pixels as he detects the black wallpaper or black theme and having fewer pixels means low battery usage. Also, it saves eyes from blue lights.

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Turn off connectivities

Turn Off All Connectivities to improve Android Battery performance

In smartphones, Connectivities like WiFi, Data connection, Bluetooth, NFC, etc take a very tiny bit of battery percentage but eventually, they drain your Android battery. That’s why it is always preferred to turn off the connectivities as soon as the work is done.

One more thing, if your data connection is turned on, any malicious app may misbehave in the background such as stealing data and upload to their server. In both cases, however, the battery drains quickly.

Stop Auto Update

The auto-update feature download & install the future apps updates automatically as soon you turn on the internet connection. Eventually, this feature force the app to run in the background and requires connectivities as well. In conclusion, compared to the above two options, this time battery will drain much faster. Open Play Store’ Settings from three vertical lines and turn off the auto-update feature. That’s it.

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BONUS#1: Charge your Android phone at flight mode to get the maximum charging speed. Flight mode block all the signals from your device, hence your smartphone charge very quickly.

BONUS#2: Do not install any external app to save battery power such as 360 Booster, Clean Master, etc. They will drain the smartphone’s battery more faster.

If you configure or follow these settings, you will see instantly improvement on your Android battery life. Here are 11 tips to boost your Android smartphone speed you may like. If you have any questions or queries regarding this article, comment down. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and subscribe to our website.

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