Best MIUI 11 Tips and Tricks You Don’t Know

MIUI 11 is a very popular custom skin for Xiaomi devices. This custom skin includes tons of features, tips and tricks that makes it more attractive to users. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the best MIUI 11 tips and tricks you don’t know.


MIUI 11 Tips and Tricks are listed below:

1. Share WiFi Password Without telling them

This MIUI 11 trick allows us to share the Wi-Fi without telling them actual password. To do that, all you’ve to do is just goto Settings > Wi-Fi > Click on connected Wi-Fi network and share the bar code with your friend. Now use your friend’s camera to scan this barcode to connect the Wi-Fi and use internet.

2. Share the Internet with your Laptop without Turning Hotspot On

Best MIUI 11 Tips and Tricks You Don't Know

Yes, it is possible to share the internet with your laptop without turning on the Hotspot. To do this, firstly you need to connect the laptop with your smartphone with a data cable. Afterward, turn on the data connection (internet) in your smartphone and move to your device Settings > More > Turn the USB Tethering On. Now you can use the internet on the laptop without any problem. (Note: This trick works in almost every android devices)

3. Double Tap the Screen to Wake

Best MIUI 11 Features in Redmi Note 5 and Other Devices

Double tap the screen to wake are generally battery consuming feature. However, you can use it to turn on the screen without pressing the power key. All you need is just tap two times on the screen to make it glow. You can use this feature to watch time without using power button or if power button isn’t working. But, I would say avoid using this feature if you want longer battery life.

4. Open the Smartphone’s Camera with Volume Button

MIUI 11 tricks

This is a very cool and futuristic feature for those users who take selfies within every 15 minutes. This feature allows us to open the camera by pressing the volume button twice. To enable this feature open settings then go to the Lock Screen and Password then turn the Launch Camera on. This feature does not consume extra power that makes it more usable.

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5. Pocket Mode (MIUI 11 Tricks)

Pocket Mode is a great MIUI 11 tricks found under the same Lock Screen and Password settings. Sometimes, we take our smartphone under the pocket without turning the screen off, here this feature makes the screen freeze meanwhile the screen will stop working at the time in your pocket that can prevent unwanted calls, messages or any other causes.  To enable this feature go to Lock screen and Password then Advanced settings. Now Turn the pocket Mode On. That’s it.  

7. Smart Cover Mode

Flip cover is a really great way to protect your display from scratches and heavy objects. This feature is especially for those users who are using flip cover. It automatically turns off the screen as you flip over the cover on your screen. You should use this feature to prevent unwanted typing, phone calls, and misclicks. To do so, go to Lock screen and password > Advanced settings > Turn on the feature smart cover.

8. Show Connection Speed

This is one of the useful MIUI 11 tips and tricks you should use. By using this feature, you can view your current internet speed on the top on notification bar and also found out unwanted internet usage. Just go to the device Settings > Notification & Status bar > toggle to turn on Show Connection Speed. It also shows you the monthly internet usage in notification area.

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9. Notification Shade

Notification shade can be accessed from Settings then Notification & status bar Under the notification shade, there are few other settings which are listed below:

–Collapse After Touch: It is the feature that you can consider to enable it. It collapses the screen after every touch on the notification bar.

–Show On Lock Screen: This is a useful feature for those people who take care of his/her smartphone security on a higher priority. After disabling the feature, you would not able to access the notification bar at the time when the screen is the lock.

–Notification Shade Shortcut: You can switch the shortcut between settings and search on the notification bar. Choose the shortcut that you use most, it makes the accessibility faster.

–Notification Style: MIUI allows us to change the notification style in between Android style and MIUI style. I like to use the Android Style Notification bar.

10. Blur App Previews

Blur App previews is an useful security feature that allows you to hide or blur image previews from the recent task bar. You can enable it for such apps to hide your confidential content previews from the recent taskbar, e.g. for online banking apps, private web surfing, etc. To enable this features, go to the settings then Home screen and recent then blur App previews. Here you can choose your preferred app.

MIUI 11 Tips and Tricks: Continued

11. Emergency SOS

As the name suggests, Emergency SOS is an essential feature that is used in emergency cases. You need to add a number to send an SOS message to inform him that you’re in an emergency. It can be found under settings and Emergency SOS. To access the Emergency SOS mode, tap the power button multiple times (at least six times) without skipping. It will automatically send an emergency message to the number that you’ve added before.  

12. Quick Ball

It is a tool through which you can access several things quickly with a quick ball. It can take a screenshot, Lock the screen, Access the recent taskbar, and Homescreen. This quick ball is similar to the iPhone quick ball. To enable it, Open settings then Explore new features above the Mi account, click Quick Ball. Now you can turn on/off quick ball from here. It is very similar to the iPhone quick ball feature.

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13. Hide Apps

This is the best MIUI feature I found in Mi phones. This feature provides us the facility to hide apps from the home screen. I personally use this feature to hide banking apps, etc.
Follow these steps to hide the apps in MIUI 11

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Click “App Lock” from the bottom and enter the password 
  • Slide to the “Hidden Apps”
  • Choose the apps to hide.

To access the hidden apps “Pinch Out the fingers” on the home screen. Note: You need to enter the password to access the hidden apps this makes us more secure.  

14. Quick Replies (Best MIUI Tips and Tricks)

Now you don’t have to re-open the WhatsApp or any other messaging app to reply to someone. Quick Reply feature allows us to reply to someone directly from the notification bar. It saves our time a lot. This was an in-built feature but now you’ve to turn it on manually.
To turn on Quick replies:

  • Go to “Settings
  • Then “Explore New features”
  • Click “Quick replies”
  • Choose the preferred apps.

That’s it.

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15. Button and Gestures

MIUI 11 offers lots of buttons and gestures customizations you can do right now. For example, you can split the screen in half, turn on/off torch, take screenshots, launch camera, and more by using just the volume and power buttons. Moreover, you can also switch to button navigation to gesture navigation in few steps. Follow the given steps to access all these settings:

  • Go to App Drawer > “Settings”
  • Then, Additional Settings
  • Click “Button and Gestures shortcut”
  • Here you can customize the buttons shortcuts according to you.

16. Notification light

Almost every Xiaomi smartphones have a notification light. Most people only know about notification light that it turns on when plugged in and blinks when they got a notification. But actually, you can change the colors of light for the different scenarios like it will blink blue for notifications and red for the messages. From here, you can disable the buttons lights too.
To access Notification light:

  • Go to “Settings
  • Tap “Additional Settings”
  • Then “Notifications Lights”

That’s it. Now customize it yourself.

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17. Dual Apps

You’ll probably familiar with this MIUI tips and tricks. As the name shows, dual apps allow us to use the two apps of the same name as the parallel space app does. It’s like installing one app two times. if you’ve two Facebook accounts you can make the twice of a Facebook app. Now you can easily switch between both accounts without logging in/out. You can access Dual apps directly from Settings.   

18 AppLock

AppLock is a great feature in order to protect yourself from others. Mi AppLock is way secure than any other apps available on the play store. In case you forget the app locks password, you will never able to unlock this until you’ve added mi account or format your device.
Access the Applock directly from the smartphone’s settings. Click the app lock and enter the new password, now choose the preferred apps to lock it.

19. Mi Mover

Mi Mover is very useful to transfer one smartphone’s data to another smartphone. It is more useful when you buy a new Mi smartphone. It transfers the data very quickly to other Mi devices. To use this feature: Go to “Setting” then “Additional Settings” then “Mi Mover“.  

20. Second Space in MIUI 11

Unlike the dual apps, Second Space is a different approach. It creates a new space in the same device for the second purpose. The second space looks as new as you on your smartphone for the first time. Here you can separately install apps & games, store files, etc. It is more usable at the time of switching your phone with another person. To use it: You need to open smartphone’s settings and then Explore New Features then Second Space then Turn On the second space then continue. You can easily back to your main space from the setting again.

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21. Mi Pay

Mi pay is the latest feature inbuilt with MIUI. It is similar to the other payment applications like Google Pay or PhonePe, used for transactions. You can easily send money and receive money. Still, there’s no cashback that Google Pay and PhonePe provide.  There’re two ways to access Mi pay, one from settings another from home screen directly. Here we can create an account and log in.  

22. Cast your smartphone screen

Casting the smartphone’s screen to the monitors or projectors is a cool feature in every smartphone. Like MIUI, every android has the option to cast the screen. Most people use it for the presentation. You can use it to watch movies, videos, photos into the projector directly. Cast Screen is available under settings the more the cast screen.

Conclusion on MIUI 11 tips and tricks

Thanks for scrolling down. In this tutorial we’ve discussed some of the best MIUI 11 tips and tricks you don’t know.

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I hope you like this article. If you’ve any questions or queries regarding this article ask me in the comment section box. Follow my blog for more tutorials and articles where we will cover many more futuristic topics.

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