OnePlus Launcher: Enjoy OxygenOS features on any Android phone!

OnePlus not only offers premium mid-range smartphones but also premium custom skin. Yes! I’m talking about Oxygen OS. The OnePlus soul OxygenOS skin has come over with tons of features and customization options, now any Android user can use them right now. Some features of Oxygen OS are open multiple apps in a single swipe, gestures support, speed performance, and so many. You get all these features bundled with the OnePlus Launcher.

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How to get OnePlus Launcher

OnePlus Launcher is an Android launcher that offers pretty much the same options as you get in OxygenOS. It has so many cool options that one can use to customize his Android. Apart from so many customization options, it significantly increases your Android smartphone speed. Here’s how to get OnePlus Launcher:

  • Open the PlayStore on your Android phone
  • Type “OnePlus Launcher” and hit search
  • Now tap on the top of the list and install OnePlus Launcher

For some Android users this shows “This app is incompatible with your device.” they can download this launcher from Google drive link. You Android phone should be running on Android 8.0(Oreo) or above version to use OnePlus launcher and its features.

Features Of OnePlus Launcher

OnePlus continuously pushes new updates with new features. These are the features currently available in OnePlus Launcher, you can use them right now.

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1. Simple & Fast UI: The launcher comes with a simple & fast user interface allowing users some basic functionalities such as customizing wallpaper, adding or removing widgets from home screen, adding shortcuts, and some other options. Overall, you’ll enjoy all these features.

2. Secret Gestures: Secret gesture allows to perform so many operations by just swiping finger. If your current Android smartphone doesn’t have this feature, you should consider using this launcher.

3. Custom App Icons: There are so many icon packs available such as Apple icon packs, Samsung icon packs, etc. You can download all these icon packs from the play store and simply apply app icons in OnePlus launcher.

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4. OnePlus Scout (India Only): OnePlus scout is a universal search feature for users in India for OnePlus devices that now comes with OnePlus launcher latest update. Using OnePlus scout, you can look for anything on your device including apps, contacts, files, etc. You get this feature straight into your launcher app drawer.

5. Open Multiple Apps in Single Tap: This is my favorite OnePlus launcher’ feature. You can store a group of apps and open them simultaneously on your phone. It saves time for multi-tasking.

6. Hide Apps: Hiding apps is now much easier. You can hide your payment apps or private apps from the home screen of the launcher and access them whenever you want.

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Bottom Line

OxygenOS is more refined and provides fast experience than stock Android. In case, if you don’t have a OnePlus device you can use this launcher to feel the same experience. However, some features may mission. So, I hope you guys like this article. Follow us on social media platforms for more recent Android news and tips-tricks related article.

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