Quick Tutorial: 5 Ways to Open Task Manager in Windows 10

Task Manager is a powerful tool in Windows 10 that shows you some very useful stats, such as background apps & processes, system performance stats, startup apps, services, etc. Windows task manager allows you to manage your tasks, close running apps directly, and more. Moreover, you can check your hardware performance such as RAM usage, CPU usage, Wi-Fi Usage, etc. But, the most important use of task manager is to close the frezed apps on Windows 10 operating system. Now you may know how to open task manager in Windows 10, but I’m sure you don’t know all of them.

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Here are the 5 ways to open task manager in Windows 10

1. From Search Menu

This method is what a newbie computer user uses. First, go to the Windows search menu then simply search for ‘Task Manager‘ and then open task manager from the top search list. This whole process takes at least 5-8 seconds. That’s a lot of time! there are more efficient ways out there that you should try.

2. Using Control+Alt+Del

This is what the 90s’ computer science students use. Press Ctrl+Shift+Del simultaneously to open the windows shell from where you can open the task manager. It’s still not efficient. It takes to move our fingers across the keyboard just for the task manager. I have used this trick a decade ago and now I prefer the best efficient way to open task manager which is given right below.

3. Using Ctrl+Shift+Esc

The best efficient way to open Task Manager is here now. Just press Ctrl+Shift+Esc simultaneously to open the task manager instantly. This is what I use and prefer you to use over all other ways.

4. From Taskbar

Simply Right-click on the taskbar then choose task manager and open the task manager. It’s not very efficient in any way but still, you can use this Windows 10 trick.

5. Windows+X

You can use this key combination to access some extra options along with task manager such as Mobility center, Power center, Disk management, Settings, etc. Press Windows+X and open task manager below the Windows PowerShell(admin).


I hope you guys like these 5 ways to open the task manager in Windows 10. At last, tell me which one is your favorite method to open the task manager. If you have any questions regarding this post, comment down or contact us through my email. For details read about page.

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