Python vs Java: Which is better?

The world’s biggest debate, Python vs Java: Which is better? and which one should I choose? There are many misconceptions, controversies, and confusions among programmers that which is the better programming language: Python or Java? and what should you choose for your next projects?

Earlier, Java was the only programming language that was dominant over every programming language but after a few years by the day release of Python, it becomes the top competitor of Java because Python has a very easy syntax and it can be used for multi-purpose as well. The debate is raised between Python and Java because both programming languages have many similarities. Both are high-level programming languages. Both are dynamic and fragile in nature. Both are platform-independent. Code reusability, standard library, packages, and networking are the few more similarities between them.

Java vs Python: Syntax comparing

Java vs Python: Syntax comparing

Java is a statically typed programming language meanwhile we’ve to manually assign integer, float, and other data types to the variables.  Let’s understand it with an example
int a = 2;
Let’s look at another example, Program: addition of two number in Java
public class AddTwoIntegers{
public static void main(String[] args){ 
int first = 10; int second = 20;
int sum = first + second; System.out.println("The sum is: " + sum); 
As you can see here we have manually written the data type to store value otherwise it will show you an error. And another thing, in Java, everything is written in class even main class because it is the 100% object-oriented programming language. Whereas,
Python is a dynamically typed programming language. We don’t need to manually write data types of any variables, it automatically assigns values to the variables dynamically according to their data type that makes its syntax very easy. Let’s understand it with an example
a = 2
example Let’s look at Addition program in Python
firstNum = 30
secondNum = 10
sumOfTwo = firstNum+secondNum
As you can see, how simple is this, even we don’t need the semicolon.
Winner: Python

Java vs. Python: Performance

Java codes perform very well than Python. A result shows that a code written in Java is 10 times faster in binary than Python. Java compiler, JIT (just in time) is the main source of fast performance. However, if you optimize the codes for better performance both can archive a similar speed. Click here if you want to know more. Winner: JAVA


in Interpreted, codes are translated into machine language line by line. Python is an interpreted programming language whereas Java is compiled and interpreted both. At the first round, java codes compiled into byte code through JVM (Java virtual machine) then it is interpreted to the machine language (0,1) dynamically, which makes Java platform-independent. Winner: Both


In terms of debugging, Python leads here. Python and other interpreted programming are very easy to debug while Java is compiled first to the byte code then it is interpreted to the machine language that makes slow debugging in Java. However, there’s not much difference But since Python is dynamically typed, it’s a lot easier to debug. Winner: Python


Regarding multi-purpose, Python again takes the lead here. Python is widely used for Data Science, Scripting, Web Development, Machine Learning, Game Developments, and Database Access. Python has many frameworks available for Web Development, Django and flask are the popular frameworks. Whereas Java is not much popular for Data Science, Machine Learning, and Web Developments. However, you can make useful Android apps using Java, in fact, Java is one of the two official programming languages dedicated to Android. Winner: Python


First of all, There’s no better programming language than any. Every language has its pros and cons. But as we move on to the conclusion part, it’s very confusing.
We’ve compared both programming and found the best in their category. For example, if you want to be a Desktop developer, Android Developer, Game Developer, and Large Enterprise developer then Go with Java. Whereas Python is the best for Data scientists, Machine Learning, Web development, scripting, etc.

SO the question is which is better: Python vs. Java?

The simple answer is Python. However, it may depend upon your job. There are lots of programming languages dedicated to various jobs. If any language fulfills your requirements go with that.

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