15 Rooting Tips and Tricks For Android Phones [2023]

Rooting tips and tricks for Android smartphones

Rooting enables so many features and functionalities that simply you can not access on your smartphone. It enables many cool features and opens a large scale of modification opportunities on your phone. For instance, uninstall system apps, change IMEI number, hack WiFi passwords, and many more. Apart from these, you can install custom ROM or … Read more

How to Enable Developer Options in Android Smartphones

Enable Developer Options in Android

Developer Options is a secret menu in Android phones’ settings, which allows developers and advanced users to root Android phones, install custom ROM, enable camera2api, and more. It contains many useful options to tweak your Android, such as USB debugging for developers, OEM unlocking to unlock device bootloader, Mock location feature, Demo mode, Stay awake, … Read more

What is USB Debugging? How to Enable USB Debugging on Android?

Enable USB Debugging

USB Debugging is a really useful feature for developers in Android that you can enable from Developer Options. Whether you want to root your Android, unlock the bootloader, or perform high user operations you’ll always need this option. Here I’ve explained What is USB debugging and how to enable it on any Android smartphone. With … Read more

How to Install YouTube Vanced [Root or Non-Root]

Youtube vanced manager

YouTube Vanced is a very popular YouTube’s Modded version app for the Android platform. With a modded Android app, you expect some extra additional features, however, the risk of data stealing as well. The same thing happens with YouTube Vanced. It comes with tons of additional features and also enables some disabled features that were … Read more

Top 8 Reasons to Root Your Android Phone Right Now


Want to squeeze the full potential out of an Android phone? Rooting is the best way to do it. If you think you’re an Android geek then, you should know about rooting. Android is an open-source operating system used in almost every smartphone device except Apple (They have their own operating system called ‘iOS’). Android … Read more

How to Uninstall Pre-installed Apps (Bloatware) from Android [Root/Non-Root]

Uninstall System apps on Android Phone

Most Android smartphone brands come with some pre-installed apps, also known as Bloatware. These apps can be music apps, payment services, internet browsers, or anything. It is a very common problem with Android phones, especially mid-range smartphones. Brand manufacturers often get paid by app companies to pre-install these apps into your smartphone that you may … Read more

How to Root your Android Smartphone [Best Method]

Root your Android Phone

Rooting gives you all control over your Android device that was previously handled by its developers. You can do anything after rooting from which you were bound due to Android security reasons. It gives you permission to install custom TWRP recovery, flash custom ROMs, uninstall System apps, tweak Android performance, etc, you can use these … Read more

How to Unlock Bootloader on Android Phone

Unlock Bootloader on Android Phone

Nowadays, all the new upcoming Android smartphones (Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, etc) have a locked bootloader feature. It is massive trouble for people who usually like to install new custom TWRPs, and custom ROMs, and tweak their Android performance. In this tutorial, we’ll learn everything about the Android bootloader and how to unlock the bootloader in … Read more

How to Upgrade your Android Operating System

Upgrade your Android OS

Most smartphones in the world are mainly based on the Android operating system. Android smartphones are highly customizable and equipped with tons of features. you can extract more functionalities after rooting your Android OS. However, updates are the only thing where Android falls behind iOS and other operating systems. Google is set to launch Android … Read more