25 Best SEO Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

Standing up with a new online business idea is probably the best idea you can have right now. Through blogging, you can reach your business to millions of followers in a very short time. However, every new business idea comes along with some challenges that you’ll have to deal with. And, if you’re trying to reach your business to more followers through online blogging then here you’ll have to deal with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is basically optimizing your website contents for the search engines and ranking your blog above your competitors. So, today we’ll discuss the 25 best SEO tips & tricks to quickly grow your organic traffic that eventually boost your business.

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25 SEO Tips and Tricks:

Choose Business Related Domain Name

Whenever you’re buying a new domain, make sure the domain name suits your business. For instance, a technology blog should contain the “tech” or similar keyword in the domain. It helps search engine bots to better understand your blog and rank accordingly. Along with that, make sure that the domain name is short, easy, and unique so the viewer can remember your website name for a long time. 

Purchase A Good & Fast Hosting

It’s the second most important part of your online business plan. Google and other search engines prioritize your website blog ranking according to the hosting speed. If your website loads slower than usual no matter how good you write a blog, it’ll rank below average. So that’s why you should always choose fast and reliable web hosting for your website. In my opinion, Cloudways is one of the best cloud hostings with cheap plans. 

Use a Fast Loading Theme


A fast loading theme helps your site to load faster and displays the first contentful paint to the visitors as soon as possible. It decreases the bounce rate on your website and also helps to rank web pages on top of SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Along with that, premium themes offer tech support for 6-12 months and some built-in SEO tools, etc.

Website Theme Should Be Mobile Friendly

Use SEO friendly themes

Almost 70% of the visitors came through mobile users. So it’s essential to use an interactive and mobile-friendly theme whether you’re using WordPress or any other CMS. Also, a mobile-friendly theme loads much faster (in less than 2 seconds) on mobile devices.

SEO TIPS: Use Focus Keyword Correctly

The keyword on your page is another important part of SEO. But, most importantly using them correctly can help you to rank a page on top of the search engine and derive more visitors. Many SEO experts suggest focusing on only one main keyword for the specific page/article also known as Focus Keyword and include this keyword in your post 2-3 times depending upon the length of the post.

Also, read this How to use Keywords in your Post.

Focus on Quality Content

Aside from keywords, the quality of the posts you’ve written also matters. When a visitor visits a page and finds it useful, he wants to explore more of your pages which significantly increases the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your website. Along with that, Google and other search engines always recommend quality content to their visitors. 

Add Focus Keyword into Higher Headings

The value of headings is higher than the paragraph. Also, headings help visitors & search engines to understand the content of an article. If you use focus keywords in higher headings it increases the priority of the keyword and increases the chances of ranking in search engines. So that’s why you should use keywords in higher headings such as H1, H2, etc.

Be Always Consistence

If you don’t publish articles regularly that will ruin your SEO. Whenever search engine crawlers scan the website, they also look for consistency. If you’re less active with your blog, you’ll lose your keywords and search rankings. So be always consistent and post at least one article per week. Read this Search Engine Land post where you can read why consistency is the king in SEO.

Use Compressed Images

If a web page contains a lot of high-quality images decreases the page loading speed. It’s the best SEO tip to use compressed images on your website you can solve this problem. Rather than PNG, use JPEG images that support both image compression techniques: Lossy & Lossless. 

Use Image ALT Tag

You may wonder why the ALT tag is important? Alt tags are displayed in place of images if somehow the webpage can’t load images. Also, alt tags provide the description of an image for better indexing in search engines. So, yeah. Alt tags increase the SEO of images and overall SEO of a web page.

25 Important SEO Tips and Tricks: Continued

Make Internal Backlinks

Interlinking the same website links (e.g. posts, pages) by giving hyperlinks are called internal backlinks. One of the main benefits of making internal backlinks is that it increases the CTR of a website. When search robots crawl a web page and find useful links chances are that links might also rank. Besides that, it provides a basic structure of your website to Google, Bing, or other search engines.

Add External Links to Page

Also, consider adding external links to your pages for on-page SEO. It can derive more traffic to your blog and increase the page & domain authority.

Write Long Articles

A long article increases the chances of ranking in search engines. Generally, a page should contain a minimum of 2000 words with in-depth analysis for higher ranking although, you can increase the number of words. Along with that, a long article generates more keywords and backlinks than normal posts. Read here the benefit of long-form content.

Always Use Correct Grammar

It’s common sense! if a book contains a lot of incorrect grammar sentences you’re not going to read. Similarly, if your web page uses a lot of incorrect grammar it will not rank and none will read it. So it’s better to give 5 minutes to recheck your article and recorrect the sentences. Also, try to add catchy words to attract more visitors.

SEO TIPS AND TRICKS: Get More Backlinks & Referrals

If you search why backlinks are important you’ll see tons of articles on Google written on the same topic. Basically, backlinks play a very important role to increase the domain authority along with your current visitors. Also, it shows the popularity of the domain and ranks quickly in search engines.

Well! there are mainly two types of backlinks do follow & nofollow. Getting dofollow links is hard and that’s why people do guest blogging to get relevant backlinks. We also offer guest blogging. Click here to know more.

 Use AMP

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP pages are basically a lite version of a page that loads very fast on mobile devices and reduces the load time. It is done by limiting the size of CSS and JavaScript to smaller.

On WordPress, you can simply install the AMP plugin to enable amp on your pages. Unfortunately, there’s no official amp support for bloggers.

Add Breadcrumbs

Though many popular sites do not use breadcrumbs, it does affect your SEO indirectly. The main purpose of breadcrumbs is to provide easy navigation to the visitors so that they can navigate through categories. Also, it increases CTR as well.

Disavow Spam Backlinks

Backlinks aren’t always good. Spam or bad backlinks are toxic for your website came through low-quality websites. Spammy backlinks lower the website’s ranking in search engines and Google can penalize your whole website which leads to massive drawbacks in traffic. To get rid of that, you must analyze all the backlinks coming all the way from the websites and disavow the spam backlinks using Google Links Tool.

Redirect dead URL to a new URL to Remove 404 Error

A dead URL or 404 link also lowers down your website’s rank. The best way to deal with 404 not found links is to redirect them to a new URL. Now, users & search crawlers will not see any errors which makes a site good for SEO. For WordPress, use the redirection plugin to redirect the links.

Submit your Site to Search Consoles for Faster Indexing

Submitting your site in search consoles basically means you’re allowing search bots to crawl your website and index in search engines. You should submit all versions of your site for better link indexability. Along with that, search consoles offer some other metric tools as well. You can check your site performance, coverage, backlinks, mobile usability, etc through a search console. Also, it allows you to manually submit links to search engines.

Share Posts on Social Media For Backlinks

Share article pages on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can derive more traffic to your website. Sometimes, a share goes viral which attracts millions of visitors in just one day. When you share posts on social media you can also get more referral backlinks. 

Add Sitemap for your Visitors and Robots to Make Your Site SEO Friendly

There can be multiple sitemaps for a single website. Using a WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO, you can easily create and add a sitemap to your website without coding knowledge. It basically displays all the structure and navigation of a website. To check if your website uses a sitemap, simply add “sitemap.xml” in the last of the domain name and hit enter.

Must use HTTPS

Basically, HTTPS indicates that a website is secure. So always purchase web hosting along with an SSL certificate. HTTPS encrypts all the user’s data including passwords, bank information, etc from hackers.

Update your OLD posts

Old posts might have some spelling or other mistakes which you can recorrect by updating your old posts. It improves the page quality and increases the ranking in search engines.

25 SEO TIPS AND TRICKS 2022: Bottom Line

You can rank your page easily with these useful SEO tips & tricks. I hope you like this article. Subscribe to our website for more useful content…

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