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10 Things You Should Never Do with Your Smartphone

Someone who purchases a smartphone expects that it will last longer at least two years minimum. However, once users have the smartphone in their hands, they do a number of actions that cause the smartphone’s performance to degrade over time. These mistakes should be avoided by users to maintain the device’s performance. In this article, I’ve mentioned the 10 things you should never do with your smartphone whether it’s an Android or iPhone. So, without wasting our time let’s get into the post.

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Things You Should Never Do with Your Smartphone:

1. Never Rebooting Device For a Long Time

Never Rebooting Device For a Long Time

When you don’t restart your smartphone for an extended period of time usually a week or month, it accumulates a large number of cache files and temporary data in the memory. Restarting your device will clear the memory of any temporary data and cache files, as well as improve speed. Modern cellphones do not need to be rebooted on a regular basis. It is, however, necessary to reset your device at least two times a month for consistent performance. You may also like 5 Cool Ways to Reboot an Android Smartphone.

2. Installing Apps from Unknown Source

Installing Apps from Unknown Source

Installing applications from a third-party app store might include dangerous programmes and viruses. It has the ability to steal personal information, erase files, install adware, and create other issues like heating, slowing performance, and so on. As a result, your smartphone will become no longer functional. That’s why you should always download & install apps from Google Play Store or other trusted sources only.

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3. Using Antivirus and Battery Saver

Using Antivirus and Battery Saver

In smartphones, Antivirus and battery savers are two common myths that people fell into it. Your smartphone is already very safe, thus the virus or malware won’t be able to infiltrate it. By installing these worthless applications on your phone might reduce performance as well as battery life over time. It’s best to stay away from apps like antivirus or battery saver. You may also like the 8 Best Ways To Extend Your Android Battery Life.

4. Never Updating Your Smartphone

Never Updating Your Smartphone

You’ve probably heard that upgrading your device software might slow down its performance. While this is occasionally true, it is a rare occurrence. The latest update includes a slew of important security updates, bug fixes, and new software features for a smartphone. I recommend you to maintain your smartphone up to date so you can take advantage of new features.

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5. Allowing Every Permission to Third-Party Apps

Allowing Every Permission to Third-Party Apps

Whenever you install apps from a third-party source or play store, it requires permissions to access data from the smartphone and function properly. However, you should allow only the required permissions to the app. For instance, do not allow phone call permission to the camera app. You may like it Best Smartphones Under ₹10000 in India.

6. Always Charging your Smartphone to 100%

Using Third-Party or Cheap Charging Cable

It’s not a good idea to charge your phone completely. You should maintain our phone charged between 20% and 80% of its capacity, not more or less. You can protect your smartphone battery from wear and tear and extend its life to up to 5 years this way.

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7. Not Using a Screen Protector

Not Using a Screen Protector

Always apply a good screen protector after purchasing a new smartphone. A screen protector is an excellent method to keep your smartphone display from breaking if it falls from a considerable height. Additionally, it prevents the display from being damaged or scratched. You may also like Android Phones: 11 Ways to secure your Android smartphone.

8. Never Uninstalling Unused Apps

Never Uninstalling Unused Apps

Having a large number of apps installed has a direct impact on your smartphone performance. That’s why you should uninstall those apps which you don’t use frequently. It can also help to solve storage and performance-related issues.

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9. Using Third-Party or Cheap Charging Cable

Using Third-Party or Cheap Charging Cable

You should avoid using third-party cheap charging cables. Why? Cheap charging cables charge your smartphone at a very low speed. And, it can also damage your smartphone and companies won’t take any warranty. Always use the original charger adapter and cable that comes with the smartphone.

10. Never Performing a Factory Reset

Never Performing a Factory Reset

A smartphone loses its prior performance after a long period of use. However, you can restore your smartphone’s previous performance as well as eliminate all technical issues right now by conducting a factory reset. One thing to remember, make a backup of your device data before performing a factory reset.

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Final Thought

There are things you should never do with your smartphones. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you’ve any questions or queries, leave a comment below. Subscribe to our website for more content.

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