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Top 10 Best Features of MIUI 12 You should Know

MIUI is everyone’s favorite custom Android UI. It’s loaded up with tons of features such as dark mode, game booster, etc but also offers overall performance. Along with that, MIUI provides consistent updates (this is not about Android updates) introducing new features every time. We’ve already listed all the features of MIUI 11 as well as hidden tricks. And now, it’s time to break down MIUI 12.

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Best MIUI 12 Features

Xiaomi officially announces MIUI 12 release date and some devices got this update already. This time MIUI 12 brings lots of brand new features including dark mode 2.0. Today, we’ll talk about the top 10 best features of MIUI 12 that you should know.

1. Enhanced Privacy Protection

As we know Xiaomi is a Chinese smartphone company and privacy has been always an issue with Chinese smartphones. That’s why this time Xiaomi taking some serious steps regarding their app’s privacy & security. Now you will have better control over the app usage & permissions. As per the Xiaomi blog post, you can manage and control each app’s permissions individually. You can set a warning notification for each permission as such as “While using the app” and “Notify”.  You can control the app’s permission like Contact, Dialer, Camera, Microphone, Call history, storage, Calendar, and many more permissions.

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2. New Design & Animations

Xiaomi launched MIUI 12 with a refreshed UI. There are not a lot of changes to the design, however, a few new features are very catchy & attractive. As it looks, it seems they are trying to make MIUI 12 to iOS. There are some new animations introduced as well as 3D app icons, changes notification bar, and some other changes. The two biggest changes I have noticed in this update is “Super Wallpaper” with more “informative and comprehensible” since everything is listed in detail.

3. Ultra Battery Saver Mode

Xiaomi smartphones already had a battery optimization feature with MIUI 11. And, after MIUI 12 upgrade, battery saver mode upgraded to the next level, also now its name has been changed to “Ultra Battery Saver Mode”. It restricts all apps from running in the background and puts the CPU to the power-saving mode under ideal mode. It can increase your battery on-time running time to more than 5-6 hours. In my opinion, you must use this feature whenever your battery go down.

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4. New Control Center(Notification Bar)

With each upgrade, Xiaomi release at least two or more huge updates beyond your expectations. Aside from cool looking, MIUI 12 new control center, it’s more now like an iOS control center where you can control brightness, WiFI, Bluetooth, torch, and other things as you know.

It’s very bad for those users who are not getting this update but not at all. Here’s how you can use the MIUI control center on any Xiaomi smartphone.

5. Introduced Dark Mode 2.0

The dark mode was introduced with MIUI 11 then what are the differences between dark mode and dark mode 2.0? Well, here we’ll figure out everything that you should know. As we know, dark mode got some powers to save your smartphone battery as well as protect your eyes from blue harmful lights. With dark mode 2.0, you will have more control over the dark adjustment for globally all MIUI apps including MI music, Mi file manager, Mi video Player, and other Mi apps. In MIUI 12, the difference between dark mode & dark mode 2.0 is that dark mode 2.0 has features like smart wallpaper dimming and dynamic font adjustments to improve user experience.

 Here’s how to enable dark mode on Android you may like it.

6. New Cool Wallpapers

Wallpaper lovers have some great news. Xiaomi has a dedicated update related to Wallpaper caller “Super Wallpapers” which is one of the best MIUI 12 features. There are two main categories of Super Wallpaper, Super-Earth and Super Mars. These wallpapers are like dynamic 3D moving wallpaper or like 3D live wallpapers which look cool when you use them on your Xiaomi smartphone.

However, with the help of this XDA post, you can easily download super wallpapers for any Android smartphone or you can download them directly from here.

7. Introduced to App Drawer

Xiaomi was using an iPhone-like app drawer since the beginning but, now it’s changed with MIUI 12. The first Xiaomi smartphone that came up with app drawer support is Poco Phone and now it is eligible for every user. To enable App drawer in MIUI 12, Go to Settings > Desktop > Desktop Mode.

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8. Gestures Support

MIU 12 brings some new gesture supports for better navigation. Xiaomi added two new UI options: A tab-based UI & A panel-based UI. You can swipe up/down/left/right to perform operations. In some Xiaomi apps like the camera app, you get some additional gestures such as swiping from right to left to get all the additional modes available in the MIUI Camera app and swiping down to get viewfinder camera settings. This was first spotted on Miuipolska.

9. 3D Touch Experience

3D touch is a unique feature to get quick access to app settings or some functions without launching the app. Just iPhone, 3D touch is a hardware mechanism, with MIUI 12 you get this feature at the software level, however, it’s not bad at all. You just need to press & hold the app icon for a second and this brings some options for you such as if you long press on the camera icon, you can capture images, open the camcorder & camera settings, etc directly from the MIUI home screen.

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10. New File Manager

The new file manager in Xiaomi sounds really great. Xiaomi releases a newer version of Mi file manager not only for MIUI users but also for every Android user since this app is freely available on the Google play store. You can modify the layout of the file & folders or enable the dark theme or do some basic stuff like copy/cut, rename, create folders, files, etc. In one word, it’s fast, simple, and advanced at the same time.  


The first thing you do is subscribe to my Androidguest from here so that whenever I update this list you get notified instantly. Then coming to the conclusion part, I would say these features are very less compared to the previous update MIUI 11.

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