Top 8 Android Games You Should Play

Games are the most time consumable things ever you can play on your smartphone to free from boredom. Expert says, playing games regularly improve human senses over time in taking quick decisions in real life. Here we have listed 8 top Android games that you can play online and offline.

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Top 8 Android Games

Google Play Store is loaded with tons of games under the sports, battle royal, racing, and other categories. After testing all gaming categories, here we have listed the 8 best Android games available on the play store. So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty: Top Android Games

Call of Duty, Year 2003, a Battle Royal (BR) franchise game that is now available for Android smartphones. Every BR games have such common things so many guns, characters, and maps, etc. The difference comes from game scenes and graphics as well as the difficulty level that we have covered below

Game Scenes: As I said earlier, the BR games have a set of guns, characters, and maps. There two main maps available in this game, 4v4 and classic. The 4v4 map is like a quick match about 8 minutes in which you have to fight with another team between two teams and which team got the most kill that’s winner team.
The classic map is a big one about 30 minutes’ offer you land on a place and loot the items such as guns, medicines, etc in which you have to fight with multiple enemies and the last survivor team will be the winner.  In Call of Duty, you can choose among three game modes, Solo, Duo, Squad.

Graphics and more: Graphics are very smooth and seems very realistic that a low budget smartphone can easily handle on low settings. The Size of Call of Duty is around 1.5GB.

The conclusion: Call Of Duty is probably the best games for Android you’ll get on the play store right now.

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2. PUBG: Best Android Game


Pubg is another battle royal game you may familiar with this famous super action game. It was launched in August 2019 and got extreme popularity because of it’s incredible performance. There are free characters, weapons, costumes, etc that you can switch among however some weapons skin or clothes may not be free. Let’s move to the game scenes

Game scenes: The game scenes are, 3-4 maps are available there including 4v4 combat known as TDM (Team Deathmatch). You can fight with enemies or you can just camp and just wait for enemies to shoot & kill them. Which person survived till last that’s winner. You can switch your game mode to Solo for a single player, Duo for two players, and Squad for four players.

Graphics and More: Graphics seems very realistic with blended grasses and trees, rocks, etc. The graphics require a high-end processor the minimum requirement for smooth gameplay at normal graphics is snapdragon 625. Although, you can increase your graphics quality up to Ultra HD resolution in a hardcore processor phones.

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3. Walk Master

Walk Master

Walk Master is an addictive game that requires skills to play. It is available on the play store free of cost. There are more than 100 game levels. As you start gameplay, the game level increases gradually with more difficulties. The game size is less than 50MB and you can download it directly from the Google play store.

Game Scenes and Graphics: Since it’s an addictive fun game, there’s no need for a high graphics card on your smartphone. You can play this game smoothly on your 1GB RAM smartphone. The Game scenes are, you have to jump across the map and bypassing the difficulties you have to reach to the final place or checkpoints. Once you completed a level, you get some reward points to buy some animal characters. This game takes some time to become an experienced player.

4. NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy

Sometimes there’s no Internet connection to play online games like PUBG or Call of Duty, etc. In case if you have the same problem, you probably want to know the best offline FPS game. Well, there are lots of offline games available on the Android play store but as you know best always be the one. Nova Legacy is one of the best Android games that you can play it offline and you should try it once for sure. You can also play with your friends known as multiplayer but it requires an Internet connection. Since this is an offline game, you can download the MOD version to get every gun and level unlocked.

Game scenes and graphics: NOVA Legacy can be defined both, FPS survival and combat game. There are so many game levels you can play and complete them, the difficulty level also increases as the level increases. If you have played PUBG or CoD, it is just like that but Offline. NOVA Legacy developers use some most powerful compression technique that compresses this high graphics game size into just 45 megabytes only.

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5. 8 Pool Ball

8 Pool Ball

Have you ever played 8 pool ball in real life? it is better than that. It is the best online addictive Android game available on the play store free of cost. You can play this game with your friends and bet them coins as well. Since these types of games do not require high graphics so will not discuss that. There are so many game modes, you can play in this game.

6. Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is a bike racing game for Android phones. It is available on the play store free of cost. It gives you high graphics and smooth performance gameplay. There are hundreds of motorcycles available in this game that you can buy using coins.

To earn coins, you need to play games and pass the level further, the more game you play the more coins you get. The motorcycles’ sound seems very realistic, each motorcycle has a different sound, speed, performance, etc. There are multiple skins available for the single motorcycle and tattoo for the bikes as well. The overall conclusion is, Traffic rider is a fantastic motorcycle racer game that you can play offline.

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7. Hill Climb

Hill Climb Racing

If you’re looking for the best addictive adventure racing games, Hill Climb is one of the best Android games. You can download it either from the play store or from the above link. If you don’t have played this game, go and download it right now. As the name suggests, it a hill racing game, you need to ride your vehicle over the hills and have to reach the destination before out of fuel.

There are so many vehicles as well as maps available that you can unlock using coins. Like every game, you have to play the game to earn coins. You may want to play this game with your friends so don’t worry, now Hill climb supports multiplayer as well.

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8. Dr. Driving

Dr Driving

We all have played this game, a long time ago before PUBG and Call of Duty. This is a car driving game that actually looks like a car simulation game. It’s both offline and online game in less than 50 Megabytes. You can download it from the play store right now.

Conclusion: Top Android Games

So, which games you like the most? is it PUBG or any other game? Comment down and tell everyone your favorite Android games.

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