How to Turn Off MIUI Ads from Xiaomi Smartphones

Ads on smartphones can erupt your whole user experience that’s what Xiaomi is doing right now. MIUI is the custom UI of most Xiaomi smartphones now has started advertising into its UI with MIUI 9 update.

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You may receive those ads in several ways, maybe from the notification bar, pop-ups ads, or video ads. You can see these ads in some MIUI apps as well such as MIUI file manager, Mi music, Security app, etc. That causes a bad user experience and that’s why many Xiaomi users have changed their decision to switch over to a new brand smartphone. But wait! do you really need to switch your smartphone brand? or is there any way to turn ads off? Well, there is not a single to do this. However, We’ll go through each & every method by which you can turn off MIUI ads from your Xiaomi smartphone.

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How to Turn Off MIUI Ads from Xiaomi Smartphones

As I mentioned earlier, there’s not a single way to do this. You can follow these three main methods to turn off MIUI ads.  

#1Disable MSA

Well, I have seen this method working in only a few Xiaomi smartphones but you can try it on your own device. MSA stands for MIUI System Ads which is the main source of all ads. Once it’s disabled or uninstalled somehow, all ads will be turned off automatically from the MIUI.

Turn Off MIUI ads

Follow the given instructions:

  1. Open Phone’s Settings
  2. Tap Additional settings > Authorisation & revocation
  3. Toggle MSA to turn off(requires internet connection to turn it off)
  4. Then tap revoke

It’s so fortunate if it is disabled since there is very little chance to make this happen though, you can repeat the process several times to disable it. If it doesn’t work. Go for the next method.

#2Through App’s settings

If the first method did not work for some reason, We have still a chance to disable all the ads. We’ll go through each MIUI apps’ settings and turn off the ads from there. It may take a little more time but it works.

Turn off ads from Mi Music

Follow the given instruction to turn off the ads from Mi Music app:  

Turn Off ads from Mi music player
  1. Open Mi Music app
  2. Slide left or click the three verticle lines from the top left corner 
  3. Then choose Settings > Advanced settings
  4. Toggle off these options: Recieve recommendations, Show online recommendations on startup, and Song recommendations.

This will turn off all those pesky ads from Mi music player.

Turn off ads in Mi Security: 

  1. Open Mi Security app
  2. Tap Setting icon from the top right corner
  3. Turn off “Recieve recommendations” 
  4. Then click Cleaner
  5. Again turn off “Recieve recommendations” option

This way you can remove ads from Mi security app.

Turn off ads in Mi Browser:

  1. Open Mi Browser > Settings
  2. Tap Privacy  & security
  3. Turn off Personalised services

Turn off ads in Mi File manager:

  1. Open File manager
  2. Tap Three-lines from top-left corner
  3. Goto Settings
  4. Goto About Section
  5. At last step, Turn Off “Reciever Recommendations

Turn off ads in Mi Themes app:

  1. Open Themes app
  2. Goto My Page
  3. Open Settings
  4. Turn off Recommendations

By following these steps, you can turn off all the ads from every MIUI app. In case if you don’t like going each apps’ settings and disable ads manually. Must read the next method

#3Root Device

It becomes a lot easier to remove those pesky ads from your rooted Xiaomi smartphones. If you don’t know what is rooting & how to root your Android phone? read this article —How to Root your Android Phone, by following this method you can easily root your Android phone.

Once rooted, open the play store and install Link2SD app. Once installed, open Link2SD and grant superSU permission and then search for MSA > Then Press & hold on MSA for a second and click uninstall then tap OK.

Disable MIUI ads


I hope you have turned off/removed MIUI ads from your Xiaomi smartphone. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial comment down. We have a special category on MIUI where I have published so many articles on MIUI, you can checkout from here.


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