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Use Mi Find My Device To Track Lost Mi Phones | Mi Phone Tracking

MIUI lost mode

Xiaomi/Mi Devices is best known for its frequent updates and features. Every Mi device comes with a locked bootloader to enhances the device security level. Mi phones are equipped with lots of features like dual apps, apps hiding, dual space, etc but the most likely and useful feature you can use is tracking the location of the lost Mi phones. To find the location of the lost Mi device, You can use Mi find my device for mi phone tracking.

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How Mi Phone Tracking Works

There are some important steps that should be followed before tracking a Mi device

1. Create Mi Account

We can never track a Xiaomi device without creating Mi account. You can easily create an account from the mi device settings > Mi account.

2. Enable Find my device

Once you’ve created a Mi account, find device will be enabled by default. In case if it is not enabled by default, you can enable it. Go to Settings > Mi Account > Mi cloud > Find Device > Turn on Find Device. It should be turned on track the location.

3. Data Connection should be ON

This is another important step to track the location of the lost phone as It required an internet connection. I would suggest you once you go outside turn on your data connection because you never know that when your device will be lost.

These are three essential steps we must have to follow in order to track the location of Mi devices.  

How To Track Location of lost Mi devices

When you’re confirmed that your Mi device has been lost, do hurry because you don’t have much time to track the location. Once, the device is switched Off or sim card pulled off, you will not able to use Mi find my device.


  • Visit the i.mi.com website on any browser from any other smartphone or desktop.
  • Click Sign in with Mi Account
  • Click Sign in with Password
  • Enter Mobile Number and Password and click sign in
  • Click Find Device, now you can track the device location.

Some Additional Tips:

  • Click on the device name from the top-right corner. (eg: Redmi note 4)
  • Click lost mode > Switch to lost mode
  • You type any message and mobile number
  • Click lock.

Now the thief will not able to switch off your device & you can easily trace your Mi device until he pulled off the sim from the smartphone or internet connection lost.


Thanks for scrolling down. Internet connection plays a very important role to track the device location that’s why it is always preferred to always-on the internet connection while going outside. I’ve written the tutorial on how to use Mi find my device for Mi Phone Tracking. I hope we’ve learned something new.

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