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11 Useful CMD Commands To Try Out in 2022

What if I say CMD (command prompt) is a very powerful tool on your pc, Can you believe that? Yes! there are so many useful CMD commands available that you can not do with any other tool. If you have used Kali Linux before then I’m sure you’re familiar with the command prompt that can perform various operations on Windows which can’t be performed normally. In this article, I’ve collected the 11 best useful CMD commands that will surely help you to simplify your day-to-day computer task.

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11 Useful CMD Commands:

1-Know Your System Info

If you bought a new computer and you want to know all the details of it like, about the software/hardware. then you can simply type the command “system info” and hit enter. After that, you will see the whole overview of your computer about the processor, hardware, product id, model number, etc.

2-Check Disk Drive C

If your C drive has any, corrupt files, or bugs, then you don’t need any extra software to fix that. You can scan the whole C drive using cmd. You just have to type “CHKDSK /f C:” It will scan the whole drive and troubleshoot any problems or bugs if found in Drive C.

3-Use /? Command

There are thousands of commands in cmd that we can not remember all of them. So if you are working on a specific command and you don’t know where else it can be used, in that case, you can use “/?” to find it out.

For example, you want to know where else we can use “CHKDSK” to find it out type “CHKDSK /?” hit enter and it will show you, all the commands that you can use along with it.

4-See Previous Commands

This one is a very helpful tip for the cmd user. For example, you are executing some kind of command and you also need a previously used command, then you don’t really have to type that command again. You can just use the up/down arrow to access previously used commands.

5- Copy “Help” Commands in Just a click

In CMD, when you type help in the terminal it shows all the command details. But what if you want to copy all those commands at once? for that, there is a simple trick that will allow us to copy all those help commands in one click. To copy all those commands type “help | clip” and hit enter. Now all the commands will be copied to the clipboard. Now you can use ctrl+v to paste it anywhere.

6-Copy/Paste Commands In CMD

You must have noticed that CTRL+C which is used for copy items, doesn’t work in cmd, Then what works? the answer is right-clicking, if you want to copy any command in cmd just select the command and right-click on that, and It will be copied to the clipboard. For the pasting that command you can use CTRL+V as usual.

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7-Quickly Access file/folder directory

When we work in the CMD, sometimes we need the path of the folder/file. For that normally we open that folder/file and see the directory and manually type the path in cmd. Which is not convenient at all. To encounter that problem, you can just drag and drop that file/folder into the direct command prompt. It will automatically take that path.

8- Scan Windows file

Sometimes our windows don’t perform well due to corrupt files or some kind of virus. So you can troubleshoot the problem just by a simple SFC Command that stands for system file checker.

To scan your windows open CMD as an administrative mode and type “sfc /scannow” and hit enter. this process will take around 5 to 10 minutes to scan your whole computer, If any virus/corrupt file is found then it will automatically fix it.

9-Know Your IP

If you are doing something network-related work, and want to know about your network connection like IP, DNS. Then type “IPCONFIG” in the cmd. And you will see all the details about your network connections.

10-Customize CMD

We love to work at a place where everything is customized according to us, So if you frequently work on CMD. Then you must customize your command prompt layout according to your need. To do that Head over to the CMD>> Right-click on the small cmd icon>>Properties.

Here you can customize every single thing according to you, Like fonts, color, layout, terminals, etc.

11-Show/Kill all the running programs

Normally we use task manager to kill or see the running task. But you can do this with cmd too, Now you must be thinking why would someone do that with cmd if you can do this with task manager. The reason could be many like you’re working on the cmd and you want to see/kill running task then you can quickly run this command instead of going to the taskbar.

To see all running tasks type “tasklist” and hit enter, you will see a list of all the tasks that are running in the background. If you want to kill one of those simply type “taskkill /im Taskname /f” (EG- taskkill /im spotify.exe /f) and hit enter.


These are some cool command prompt tricks that you can do to ease out your experience. And, of course, I can not cover all the commands at once that’s why I’ve selected a few of them. that I personally think these commands will surely help you.

Let me know in the comment section which command is your favorite and if you have any questions regarding this article then please feel free to ask 🙂

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