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VMOS Review: Install Virtual Android on your smartphone

Hello! how are you doing guys? Today’s article is really special for smartphone nerds. In this article, we will review VMOS. Here we’ll know What is VMOS? How we can install another ROM in our Android smartphones without rooting? and What are the pros & cons of VMOS? So let’s begin.

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Generally, when you talk about installing two ROMs in Android smartphones, it requires to ROOT the Android before. But, are you sure that you can’t install two can’t install custom ROMs without rooting or installing TWRP? Well, if you think so, fortunately you’re wrong. Here’s why.

VMOS Review: What is VMOS?

Have you ever installed custom ROM on your Android without rooting? VMOS is a very powerful first virtual machine/software for Android devices that lets you install another operating system without rooting your device. It is like installing custom ROMs in Android phone, but, without doing any flashy things. Also, with the help of VMOS you can actually switch between the custom OS & your original Android OS. How cool is that? You can download & install VMOS like any other Android app and enjoy all the features for free. The current VMOS version is 1.0.62.

VMOS Review: Install Virtual Android on your smartphone

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How to install another OS with VMOS?

In this section, we will know how to install a virtual Android operating system using VMOS. So let’s get to the tutorial

1. Open VMOS official website from the given link.

VMOS official Website

2. Tap VMOS Unlocker or APK Download to download the file

Grant warning

3. Once Downloaded, install VMOS (Note: If turn on unknown sources)

Turn Off Unknown SOurces

4. Open it then click Enter VMOS and allow the floating Window Mode & other permissions

5. It’ll take a few minutes to initialize the setup

6. Now you need to install the VMOS tool to access the play store on VMOS virtual OS

That’s it. Now you’ve successfully install VMOS virtual machine on your Android phone. You can use this just like the normal apps and enjoy the stock ROM experience. It is capable of installing another app, gaming, calling, playing songs & videos, etc/

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Some Other Options in VMOS App

1. Root VMOS: You can root virtual OS from the VMOS Settings > ROOT > Enable Root. It takes 30 seconds to root the virtual OS.

2. Import apps from the Original OS: Open File Transportation app from VMOS and click import. From here you can import multiple apps, pictures, other files, etc.

3. Change Resolution: Open VMOS settings and tap the resolution option from the top then tap add resolution. You can set width, height, and DPI manually.

VMOS Review: Pros and Cons Of VMOS?

Definitely, there are more pros compared to cons of the VMOS app. Since it’s an unbiased VMOS review, We will look for both, pros & cons.


  • The biggest advantage over VMOS is, you don’t need to root your Android smartphone to install two operating systems. Rooting is a very risky factor and if you don’t have any technical knowledge don’t do it, you can easily break your smartphone. For your information, Rooting voids your smartphone’s warranty. If anything wrong happens to your smartphone you will not able to it will not be covered guarantee.
  • It takes only a few minutes for the complete installation.
  • You can enjoy the stock Android performance.
  • You can change screen resolution as well.
  • Use VMOS to install the same apps twice. You can import apps, files, and galleries directly into VMOS. Along with that, you can install new Android apps using play store on VMOS.
  • VMOS comes with a pre-root environment which means you can modify the system files and perform some root operations without voiding your warranty. You can use the Xposed framework to tweak Android. It’s 100% risk-free.
  • You can easily switch between VMOS and your default OS within a matter of milliseconds.
  • You can minimize the VMOS app window and use two apps simultaneously.
  • Free of Cost.


  • A smartphone should have more than 32GB storage and 2GB RAM.
  • Minimum Android 5.1 or above is required to run this app.
  • Since it is like Android Guest Mode, you can not access full Android features.

Overall it’s the best way to install a secondary operating system in Android smartphones without rooting or taking any risk.

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The conclusion is if you want to install another operating system in your Android smartphone and you’re a non-technical person or you don’t want to root your device, VMOS is for you. GO ahead and install it right now. However, if you’re a technical person then you should prefer custom ROM over TWRP, there you have full access to the ROM. Personally, I have used this app only for once.

If you’ve any questions regarding this article, comment down. And don’t forget to share this with your WhatsApp friends. Have a nice day:)

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