WhatsApp Introduces two new Features: Read Later and Mute Video

Recently, WhatsApp has started rolling several updates to improve the overall user experience. WhatsApp introduces two more new features in the app: read later and mute video. Both features are still under the development phase, they’re spotted in a few WhatsApp beta updates. So, today we’ll discuss both WhatsApp features that how they’d work and their uses as well. Also read: 5 New WhatsApp Features that you don’t know

What is WhatsApp Read Later Feature?

WhatsApp read later feature is a better version of the Vacation mode. This feature allows users to mute chosen chats for a selected time duration. It is like Archived chats option in WhatsApp, however, when you add chats in “Read later” you’ll not able to receive any kind of notifications and calls, etc. This wasn’t the case with Archived chats.

This will be a very useful feature for those users who receive tons of spam or forward messages on WhatsApp. Using this feature, they can add the chats into Read later for less no/less interruption providing a good chatting experience. There is not much information regarding this feature, however, we can expect this feature in upcoming future WhatsApp updates. We’ll notify you as soon the feature arrives in the stable version.

WhatsApp Mute Video Feature

The feature was spotted in one of the WhatsApp beta updates. According to WABetaInfo, this WhatsApp mute video feature will let the users mute their videos before sending them to contacts or setting them into their statuses along with trimming the videos. The feature has been seen in the latest WhatsApp beta version. It might be available in a few future build updates.

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