Windows 10 Tips and Tricks You Should Know in 2022

Windows 10 is a remarkable progressive operating system leading over 40 percent of all desktop OS and the number is continuously increasing. Today, we will discuss 21 basic tips and tricks for Windows 10 but first, let’s dig into Windows OS

Along with great simplicity, Windows OS is very highly customizable with rich features. Most laptops and computer comes with pre-installed Windows OS, that’s the reason why it is so popular. There are various Editions of Windows 10 OS for multiple purposes. Some of them, are Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10¬†Enterprise, etc.

Currently, I’m using the enterprise edition. You can buy and download it from the Official Microsoft website.

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Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

In this section, we have listed some basic and advanced tips and tricks for Windows 10 operating system. So without any further delay let’s get into the tricks

1. Windows 10 touchpad tricks for laptops

There are several touchpad slide tricks you can use for the quick operations in your Windows 10 laptop. These tricks will make your job much easier:

  • One-finger slide: You can use one-finger slide to move the mouse cursor across the display (monitor).
  • One-finger tap: You can use a single tap to select a file or open a link in browsers. Use a quick double-tap to open a file or select the text.
  • Two-finger Press: You can use the two-finger press to perform the ‘right mouse click’ operation to quickly use the menus.
  • Two-finger slide: Slide using two-finger in a certain direction to perform some quick operations in browsers to navigate web pages,  change the soundtrack, scroll through documents, etc.
  • Two-finger pinch: Two-finger pinch is mainly used for zoom-in/out pictures, maps, web pages, etc.
  • Three-finger Press: Tap three-finger anywhere to quickly bring the Cortana or the Windows search menu.
  • Three-finger Swipe: Swipe left or right using three fingers to switch among tasks very quickly. Swipe downward or upward to minimize all the windows and move on Windows home instantly or open all windows again and open or close the task view.
  • Four-finger Press: Tap four-finger anywhere to bring the Action Center.
  • Four-finger Swipe: Swipe upward to open task view and swipe downward to close task view.

2. Enable Dark theme in Windows 10

If you love dark mode you can use this Windows 10 feature to have the same experience. Open Windows 10 Settings from the menu > Click Personalization > Colors > Choose your color > Change light to dark. You can use the custom option to customize the color yourself. If you scroll a little more down you will get an option to show accent color on the start, taskbar, and action center.

3. Pause Windows Updates

Windows updates are important to maintain the security and stability of the system, however, sometimes it might irritate you from unwanted updates. Moreover, these huge size windows updates take so much time and internet data to download the packages. It requires rebooting the system each time for a complete update. For any reason, you can pause the windows updates within a single click. Open Settings in your Windows 10 PC > Click Update & Security > Pause updates for 7-days. It takes less than 10 seconds to do it. You can resume the updates anytime by clicking on Resume updates.

4. Use Night lights in Windows 10

Night light is a Windows 10 trick that you can use to filter the blue lights or the harmful light emitting from the display (monitor). These harmful lights may harm your eyes brutally as scientists have proved it. To secure the eyes either you can use glasses or enable Night light setting. To do so, open Windows 10 search menu and type Night light then click the first option and turn on night light. You can schedule a timer to automatically enable it at night.

5. Right-click Start Menu

From the Windows start menu, you can access all the installed software and other functions of your system. On the other side, if you right-click on the start menu you get several more quick options such as Apps & Features, Mobility Center, Device Manager, Computer Management, etc. These are some advanced Windows 10 settings you can use to update your drivers, partition your hard drive, etc.

6. Access ‘God Mode’

God Mode is one of favorite Windows 10 tricks. It does not provide you any extra functionality instead of it just pull all the advanced admin-level settings inside a folder name ‘God Mode’ so you guessed right, God Mode nothing but a folder having the advanced tools. To bring this folder, right-click on the desktop and create a new folder and rename the folder name to following


That’s it. You may not want to manipulate any settings without knowledge cause it can break your system.

7. Windows Taskbar Tricks

  • Right-Click on the Taskbar: There are more options you can access by clicking right on the taskbar. From here you can perform such operations in a single click, Show/Hide Taskbar Automatically, Show Touch Keyboard Button, Access Task Manager, etc.
  • Lock the Taskbar: You can use this option to lock your taskbar. Just right-click on the taskbar and tick this option from the bottom.
  • Move Taskbar to the other side: You can move the taskbar to up/down or left/right. First, make sure you untick the ‘lock the taskbar option’ then move the taskbar to any side of the window by right-clicking of the mouse or touchpad.
  • Show/Hide Cortana Button: Cortana button is used to access Cortana which takes a little more space on the taskbar. Hide this button using the right-click on the taskbar then hide the Cortana button.
  • Hide Cortana Search Box: Cortana search box is another Windows tool which is used to search files or apps. Again, you can turn it off from the taskbar setting.

8. Use Dark Mode in Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge browser is an improved version of Internet Explorer. It is as powerful as the Chrome browser and with the help of some extensions, you can make it more powerful. There are lots of powerful tools have been introduced and one of the best features is dark mode likewise Chrome.
To enable the dark mode, open Microsoft Edge Browser > Three horizontal lines from right-top corner > Settings > Choose a theme > Choose Dark.

9. Quick Keyboard Tricks

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+T to bring the closed tab back. It works in almost every modern Internet Browser.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+I to bring the developer tools in Chrome and other browsers.
  • Press and hold Ctrl or Ctrl+Alt Button to manually select files in Windows.
  • Press Windows+Period (.) key to bring Emojis.
  • Press Ctrl+Z in the Windows file manager to restore deleted files quickly.
  • Press Ctrl+W to close the browser tab instantly.
  • Press and hold the Power button until you get a popup. You get some settings here.
  • Windows+L to lock Windows instantly.
  • Windows+M to minimize all the windows and take you to Home Window.
  • Press Windows+V to bring Clipboard with history. First time, you need to enable this option.
  • Windows+X to bring Cortana within a matter of milliseconds.
  • Windows+A to bring Action Center.
  • Press Windows+Q for the search menu.
  • Press Windows+W to bring tools.
  • Best and one of my favorite keyboard tricks are, Press Windows+E to bring file manager quickly.

There are more you can try yourself.

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10. Step Recorder

Step recorder is a  Windows tool that records your every step you perform on your screen. You just need to search ‘PSR‘ and open the step recorder. Click start record to record the screen. It will be helpful to capture a tutorial for website blogs.


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